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Re: Nokia's Apple-Bashing Video Speaks to My Heart
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2013-08-08 05:12:55
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Nokia saw an opening to attack Apple through the world's most-used camera, the itty bitty unit on the iPhone. The attack? A politely sarcastic ad on YouTube that parodies the generally excellent Apple version that -- also politely -- brags that every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than with any other camera. While Apple won't feel the sucker punch, I've got to admit, the Nokia version was speaking to my heart. I currently pack an iPhone 5, and the 8-megapixel camera and brains represent a massive leap forward from my iPhone 4.

Re: Nokia's Apple-Bashing Video Speaks to My Heart
Posted by: ViewRoyal 2013-08-08 11:54:39 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Nokia probably does have a nice camera built-into its Windows Phone, but how much better it is than the iPhone 5's camera (or the improved one coming out next month) is VERY subjective.

I have no doubt that Nokia hand-picked the best comparisons they could (what else are they going to do ;-) but I also have no doubt that there were comparisons (not shown in the commercial) where the iPhone shots looked better.

The reality is that there are amazingly beautiful photos taken with the iPhone 5. Go to flickr and check out the Camera Finder / Apple / iPhone 5 photos.

The other reality is that both the iPhone and Nokia are phones, and the built-in cameras are no where near professional quality. But people use their phone cameras because they are "good enough" for most things that don't require a real camera.

There are always improvements in camera technologies, and each new phone usually supersedes the model before it. But people buy the phone that best meets their needs... not just because it is the latest model of phone that they are not really interested in buying.

Re: Nokia's Apple-Bashing Video Speaks to My Heart
Posted by: Mamurai 2013-08-12 03:48:03 In reply to: ViewRoyal
I miss that people can be objective here, and judging cameras on a commercial is quite frankly silly. Of course it is silly of me to even write here where there seems to be hardcore Apple fans, but I hope my point comes across.

Apple has always been far behind when it comes to their cameras in their phones, although with the iPhone 5 they have taken a step forwards, and the camera certainly isnít a bad one, but not the best one by any means. The fact that many have an iPhone doesnít make the camera better either.
Years ago I had 8 MP with a good sensor in my SE phone, and after that Nokia N8 which had a 12 MP with xenon flash (the same year Apple released iPhone 4 which had 5 MP).
Either way, I have seen the difference between the Nokia 920 and the iPhone where the Nokia certainly wins. It isnít merely my own subjective thoughts about this, but many who have reviewed the two cameras agrees that the Nokia takes better pictures in more difficult lightning conditions compared to the iPhone 5. This doesnít mean the iPhone 5 has a bad camera, but the camera is certainly more sensitive to lighting conditions, nor does it take as good pictures when there is movement as mentioned in the article.
When it comes to the operating system I found it silly that it was mentioned that the Windows Phone was a problem. It isnít, and while previous versions were certainly not as good as iOS or Android it is more of taste preference these days. Again, I have tried both and there are pros and cons with using both. The layout is a subjective thing. The new Windows Phone OS has certainly impressed and many others alike. Hinting it is bad because it is Windows without being constructive criticism is bad journalism.
Now, Iím not here to bash Apple as they do make nice looking products. Generally their products are high quality, and I have loved using the first iPad generation. I do question whether I should buy a new one since Apple would not allow the first generation to get the newest iOS version even if it would be able to run it. Of course I can jailbreak it and then I can update various apps I have, but the whole idea of having to do so annoys me.
I hope there will be less Apple fanboyism here, and every single company wants to make their product look better than it really is in commercials compared to others, yes, even Apple.

I want to emphasize I am not attacking anyone here, but I'm trying to be constructive and objective.
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