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As I follow the rumor mill surrounding the fabled low-cost iPhone, aka "cheap iPhone," and more recently, "iPhone 5C," I'm starting to get worried. What's wrong with me? Don't I like the idea of an inexpensive iPhone? Isn't an inexpensive iPhone important to help Apple fight freaky robot things threatening to take over the world? There's nothing out-of-the-ordinary wrong with me, but there's a problem with the iPhone 5C -- at least if it turns out anything like the leaked polycarbonate-case photos all over the Internet.

Re: The iPhone 5C Is Shaping Up to Be the Scariest Product Apple Ever Created
Posted by: george6662007 2013-08-23 12:19:36 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I don't want to be mean, but as a developer your article does not make sense to me. You spend 2/3 or maybe more talking about the color of the iPhone 5C, honestly I don't care about the color or even the plastic appearance... What about the functionality, the camara resolution, the internet speed? Is the iPhone 5C faster and more efficient than its predecesors? what about other companies like Samgson or Windows, should they worry about the iPhone 5C? Technology is not just about apperance my friend.

Well, you may think that being a tech pundit somehow qualifies you to write nonsense, but just what makes you think anybody cares whether you like certain colors over other colors. Guess what? Most of us could also care less whether the idea of a cheap iPhone that looks sorta cheap scares you. The masses will vote with their money and if Apple misses, everyone will know it (and certainly pundits like you will never let us forget your insight). However, I don't expect your paranoia will make one bit of difference whether the iPhone 5C succeeds or fails.

Chris, I usually find your Apple commentary among the best out there. Can't get behind a bunch of colors as "scary" though...

I don't think there would be a problem at all, as long as they include black, and maybe white or silver. There is the iPod example as you mentioned as precedent, but nevermind the crazy case colors and styles that exist out there now. (Yes, I know these are not Apple designs, but Apple is happy to sell them on the Apple store).

I'm sure you agree that harmonizing screens and connectors with the current iPod/iPhone lines while being able to retain a lower-cost option without relying on older product (4/4S) makes a lot of sense. Build quality can still be good if plastic (and maybe less need for an ugly case). I would much rather see a bunch of crazy colors than the horrible looking covers that are out there now.

Thanks for jumping in, Mitch. Had me grinning when I read this: "I would much rather see a bunch of crazy colors than the horrible looking covers that are out there now." So true. . . .

I don't think anyone cares how you think about this. So far, almost all the posts I've seen about this in several different sites have been positive. Apple is trying to make the experience the same for its products and this will do the same for its mobile products. This phone will do that. These phones are also intended for countries where the lower cost will help sell more phones. By having a phone that does everything that the high end model does, but a lot more inexpensively, from the beginning, it will allow Apple to lower the price even more next year, if it chooses to do so, as the manufacturing costs will be more in line for a phone of this price, rather than using an expensively made phone that has simply gotten the benefit of a larger production run.

If it results in good sales here as well, that's great! But Apple's older phones were also plastic (polycarbonate), and it certainly didn't keep it from becoming popular.

You may not like the colors, but that's just you.

Oh, and by the way, you wouldn't LET anyone buy one of these? Who are you anyway, Mr. Dictator?

Mr. Dictator here. Say, I meant the "let" as a figure of speech -- at least until I finish the walls on my compound and start recruiting a cult following where nobody wears light blue clothing or anything with a neonish shade of green. Earth tones and deep, rich colors only. I'm still working on the kickstarter marketing page for it!

Seriously, though, you're right -- colors are a very personal sort of preference, and I'd prefer that Apple offers them rather than doesn't. And if Apple includes Black and White, then the masses will certainly tell Apple if the company hit or missed the color mark. But I'm certain that Jony Ive at Apple takes color very seriously, and I know Steve Jobs did, too. They rarely had any misses at all. The stakes are high in the court of public Apple opinion though, when it comes to a low-cost iPhone. Cheesy colors imply "cheap" while deep colors imply a higher build quality. That's the risk. That's also why the colors are scary. Wrong colors and 5C is definitely called the iPhone Cheap.
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