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Re: Apple's E-Book Trial Shrouded in Fog, Not Smoke
Posted by: Rachelle Dragani 2013-06-19 08:31:53
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The e-book price-fixing trial took another turn this week, with Apple claiming that what the Department of Justice called a "smoking gun" was simply a misunderstood email draft. Apple veteran Eddy Cue worked with the late Steve Jobs to engineer a price-fixing plan that would undermine Amazon's dominant position in the e-book market, the DoJ has alleged. Apple colluded with the major e-book publishers, who would stand to gain profits from the scheme. Apple claims it was not the ringleader of an industry conspiracy to fix e-book prices.

Re: Apple's E-Book Trial Shrouded in Fog, Not Smoke
Posted by: puggsly 2013-06-19 13:21:02 In reply to: Rachelle Dragani
I may be reading too much into this article but WOW does it seem like the author has already made up his mind on this case and that it appears he is very certain Apple is guilty. The first couple paragraphs read like.

Apple is absolutely guilty......so and so said.

You later state as a fact that "Amazon would have to go along" and "Have to raise its prices". First, Apple had ZERO market and Amazon had 90+% market. Not just in eBooks but a huge market in physical books too. Amazon absolutely could have played hardball and not signed! As for prices increasing? Yes there was an early spike as the new model went into place but it quickly opened the door for lower prices and the facts show that prices went down and not only on Books but also on eReaders. Further, Apple brought color and interactivity to the eBook market.

I may be proven wrong, but this trial was doomed from the start and the DOJ should stop wasting tax payer money on it. IMHO
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