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Re: Low-Cost Mac Gives Windows a Run for Its Money
Posted by: Julio Ojeda-Zapata 2005-03-06 09:35:18
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Windows users beset by computer viruses and spyware are hungry for alternatives. And, with impeccable timing, Apple has released its first truly affordable Macintosh machine in a major bid to woo the PC-using masses. The Mac mini, like other Apple products such as its iPod music players, is a design triumph. A full-featured Mac that is only about the size of a cigar box, it is a compelling competitor to hulking entry-level Windows machines. But be warned: The Mac mini isn't quite as inexpensive as it appears.

Stock features assessment unbalanced
Posted by: Macaholic 2005-03-06 09:59:32 In reply to: Julio Ojeda-Zapata
You criticize the Mac Mini that "You won't get wireless networking -- neither Wireless Fidelity or Bluetooth" (AND similarly diss the G5 iMac... WHAT'S THE DEAL HERE?!), and yet you also do NOT get these features from Dell at $499.00, either:
As a matter of fact, almost NO ONE bundles wifi or bluetooth in at any price. Yes, there may be some odd exceptions, but they are rare and expensive. The vast majority of personal computers offered out there do not come with this functionality AS A STOCK ITEM. So drop it. Will ya?
Also, their two lower models come with no burnable optical drive whatsoever -- and no Firewire (which the vast majority of consumer and pro DV Cams use to interface with a computer). As of the time of my post here, Dell is throwing in free 512Mb of RAM and 80Gb drive, but these free offers change with the wind at Dell and can easily be 256Mb/40Gb the next time you log on. They usually do include a monitor, keyboard and mouse, however. This point has varying value, given people's needs and previously purchased peripherals (P-P-P... lol).
And I can hardly see how the Mac Mini is to blame for your dog's breakfast of peripherals. Judging by this mix of stuff you connected to it, you had no "techno-fashion sense" prior to the Mac Mini emitting its "stark contrast" of taste in the first place. "Queer Eye for the PC Guy"? You bet! But, if it didn't matter to you before, why does it matter now? Frankly, it shouldn't, given the typical PC user's mindset that "it's only a tool"... unless you've now realized that there's more to using a computer these days than function alone, and that a computer can indeed compliment a living area beyond the den or office. As the diversity of use has increased within a computer, this is a good thing.
The point is -- as you stated -- that IT WORKED... which is better than what can be said of studies showing that unprotected new Windows systems are typically infected or invaded within forty minutes of use on the internet.
And, as you also pointed out, the wonderfully designed and thought-out software suite and dependability of the OS are values rarely reconciled with the price tag. This is a dysfunction of the computer using masses, duped into buying the cheapest piece of crap they can haul off a palette at CostCo, never thinking about the fact that the ills of the Windows platform will confront and confound them EVERY DAY afterwards.
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