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Re: Apple Fans, We Are the Machine
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2012-11-24 02:30:32
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I've been an Apple Mac user since high school, using them even as I struggled through business classes on clunky PCs. As an adult, I used them in college. I have since purchased five Mac laptops and an iMac, and while I'm not a graphic artist, I've pounded on them most days of my life for years and years. I lived through the dark time when Apple licensed its OS to the clone makers, and a couple of times here and there, particularly as my budget plummeted, I reconsidered whether I should hang onto the Mac way or throw in the towel.

Re: Apple Fans, We Are the Machine
Posted by: LeonTubrok 2012-11-24 03:10:36 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I suppose the scoffing stems from the days of the 1984/big brother ad campaign where apple were selling themselves as 'break the mould' types and portraying others following the big brother of IBM & Microsoft dominance as mindless drones.

Yet today we see mindless drones queuing at apple stores, thoughts of 'think different' in their heads, with no customer choice (other than iphone or not iphone) without any hint or irony. One thing apple has proved itself in is marketing and getting brand loyalty regardless of its products. The product almost seems academic now, as people crave to be seen as original, ahead of the game or 'cool' as apple products seem to imply that to them. The much bigger numbers of other brands are ignored until they can find a bigger number, then it becomes all important. The fact that a company has made so much from these people would be seen as cynical with other company's yet held proud when its apple.

This along with many other reasons is why I dropped apple products and decided on the 'customer choice' option once it lost its unique design after it moved from RISC Motorola to PC design. I can live actually learning a new OS and interfaces as the advantages far outweigh. I can think for myself and make choices to get what I want, not what I think others expect me to have. I treat companies that make products as just that, not savours or some sort of fan based team I should support.

I suppose it all boils down to what people buy products for and how secure and independent they are, many give publicly a reason that privately is different to try justify their choice to not be seen as a sap of marking but as a free thinker. Something apple are quite aware of and play it very well.
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