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Re: iCloud Revisited: My Mind's Somewhat at Ease
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2012-11-12 20:05:43
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Last week I railed on iCloud and claimed that it was breaking my mind. I'm still sane, and iCloud isn't all bad. It's just not all goodness and light, either. I've learned quite a few things as I've gone in, messed with settings, and tested the results. iCloud is sort of an invisible mishmash of services from Apple, and depending on what you own and what you care about, some, none, or maybe all of it might be valuable to you personally. As for me, here's a snapshot of where I'm at with iCloud, what I use and like -- and what I'm still scratching my head over.

Re: iCloud Revisited: My Mind's Somewhat at Ease
Posted by: Trianguar 2013-01-13 12:31:51 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
iCloud has to be the worst, most frustrating, least useful, most misleading and least Mac-like product in the entire history of Apple's pantheon of products. It's as if it were produced by Sun Microsystem hacks in order to poison the Apple afficionadoes so that they would stop drinking the Cupertino KoolAid. ICloud is not really akin to anything else on the market with "cloud" in its name or description, because you cannot store things on iCloud, you cannot retrieive things from iCloud, you cannot access iCloud from the Finder, you cannot see what is in your iCloud, you cannot remove anything from your iCloud, you cannot delete anything from iCloud and Apple support agents themselves tell you that if you want to do any of these things, you should be using DropBox because iCloud was not designed to do any of these things, even though the product was announced as a replacement for MobileMe, a product that allowed you to do all of these things. How many ways can you spell "IDIOT"? ALSO, by the way, no one knows how you stop your subscription to iCloud other than by cancelling all cards on record with your Mac ID. It costs them about 17 to do what they charge $129/year for- so you know you funded a part of the Apple $184 Billion valuation.
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