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Re: Mac Mini Or Windows? Why Not Both?
Posted by: Mike Langberg 2005-02-07 05:16:49
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Apple's new Mac mini computer, starting at US$499, is an elegant and very affordable way for Windows users to jump the fence into what could be a greener pasture. To squeeze under the $500 mark, Apple had to do some stretching -- the Mac mini doesn't come with a keyboard, mouse or monitor. And most buyers will want to add more memory. But I don't find the compromises unreasonable. That's because the Mac mini is a complete Macintosh desktop computer inside a very tiny silver and white case.

Re: Mac Mini Or Windows? Why Not Both?
Posted by: eks 2005-02-08 06:47:43 In reply to: Mike Langberg
C'mon Mr. Langberg. Get your facts straight. The least expensive Mac desktop is an eMac at 799.00. Which is very comparable to the Mac Mini except for the 17" built in CRT monitor. Good article otherwise but the 1295.00 desktop number doesn't cut it.

Re: Mac Mini Or Windows? Why Not Both?
Posted by: simty 2005-02-07 14:59:15 In reply to: Mike Langberg
This is the best MacMini write-up so far. (and there have been many) The only thing that was not 100% right was the RAM part. DIY RAM upgrades are not dicouraged by Apple, the website that seemed to indicate that it was has been changed. Other than that "SPOT ON" I wish you would go and right for the Sunday Times UK, the MacMini article they had was so bad I wrote to the editor. I have forwarded you write-up as an example of how it should have been done.
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