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Re: Why Tablets Will Send PCs Toward Oblivion
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2012-03-22 16:16:18
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As analysts watch the killer success of Apple's new iPad launch -- 3 million sold over the first three days -- I'm seeing a lot more predictions that overall sales of tablets will soon start to exceed those of PCs. Crazy to think of it, isn't it? PCs are everywhere. Many homes have several, businesses have gobs, and they are a staple item used to connect billions of people to, well, everything. And yet, tablet sales growth rates are eclipsing the growth of PC sales -- even the generally hot-selling MacBooks Airs and MacBook Pros.

Re: Why Tablets Will Send PCs Toward Oblivion
Posted by: rkstevens 2012-04-19 14:20:20 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Put your money where your mouth is and get rid of your Mac and exclusively use a tablet. It shouldn't be a problem if PC's are "doomed to oblivion", right? I'd like to see how many people such as Tim Cook or authors of these stupid articles who say that desktop/laptop computers will die have actually given up their computer for a tablet. I bet not many, if any, have.

Most people don't consider a tablet as a "computer" in the traditional sense. I bet more people think of them as oversized smartphones or an electronic appliance like a portable DVD player. They use it for entertainment (read books, play games, view photos, listen to music, watch videos) or to access the internet. I doubt many do any serious computing for any extended amount of time and I also doubt many use tablets exclusively.

The ending of the article didn't even make sense. It didn't say that PC's would fade into oblivion as was stated in the title of the article. It just said that PC's have sufficient power for the majority of tasks people use them for and thus don't have to be upgraded very often. The premise though, is that they are still being used. This is hardly a state of oblivion, which by definition would mean the PC's and Macs are forgotten and thus not used.

re:Why Tablets Will Send PCs Toward Oblivion
Posted by: kevinish 2012-03-22 17:22:07 In reply to: Chris Maxcer

This is virtually the same commentary we heard years ago when snowboards were allowed at ski resorts. Snowboard sales rose dramatically (going from virtual zero will do that for you), and everyone predicted doom for skiing in a decade.

That was more than a decade ago, and two plankers are still out there-about 65% of the people on the mountain, in fact. Snowboarding simply increased the options, and increased the overall pool of potential.

And that is exactly what tablets have done. Micro Econ week one, the 'perfectly competitive product'. Tablets simply have given people the ability to view video, cruise the web, email, read, game, etc. with a smaller, more portable form factor. I have yet to meet anyone with a laptop that is tossing it out for a tablet-but i have met plenty of laptop owners who have tablets when portability is a key factor. Toss in the entry price on a tablet, and people that might never have been able to afford a decent laptop can watch films, play games, stay in touch with email, video chat with friends while traveling-for under a few hundred bucks.

However, playing any kind of serious game, or doing any kind of real technical work on a tablet is an obvious joke.

Sure, in the future, we'll have tablets as powerful as today's laptops.

We'll also have self driving, flying cars, and robot maids.

Meanwhile, don't toss your laptop on the rubbish heap just yet-unless you have nothing more important to do than tweet.
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