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Re: Apple's Juicy 2012 Hardware Harvest
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2011-12-22 13:51:32
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While 2011 was a year full of momentous moments for Apple, 2012 has the potential to outshine them all, especially in hardware. It will be the first full year in which Apple must steer its gigantic ship without Steve Jobs, and the pressure to surprise and delight will be intense. Android smartphone and tablet makers are getting their acts together, producing better options -- and, with products like Google's upcoming tablet, promising more. Can Apple do more than simply compete?

Apple TV - Does it need to be a TV?
Posted by: akcoyote 2011-12-23 04:21:29 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I would love to see Apple create a new paradigm for TV viewing. Some of the functions would be:

- viewing all the sources of streaming,
- accepting input from any cable, FiOS or DSL source,
- Internet connectivity via wired or WiFi,
- an antenna hook-up for over the air broadcast,
- NO internal BluRay or other physical media (I want the box to be capable of accepting new media by simply connecting the new 'player'),
- NO 'screen' instead relying upon monitors / TVs from any vendor (again I want to be able to both use my existing display and to update to new technology by simply swapping devices),
- HDDVR with provision for expanding storage using iCloud or external storage (my choice),
- Ability to output diverse streams to wired or WiFi (Airplay) connected devices,
- An elegant RF remote control system in addition to Siri or gesture control (both are 'cute' but way too annoying to others and subject to 'unintended interference'), the RF remote would allow me to control my stream from the BR, kitchen, patio, etc. without disturbing the 'main display',

I really want all the functionality that can be stuffed into a 'puck' and not be obsolete with the next new must have display technology.

Considering all the functionality I want built to Apple standards, and given Apple's pricing model this won't be cheap and I don't want to have to spring for a new one every few years or when the mechanical (DVD) device dies or the monitor develops 'rainbows'.

I really hope that you and the rest of the pundits 'get it' and stop asking Apple to build an all-in-one device to compete with TVs.
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