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Re: The iPad Mini's Screen Conundrum
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2011-10-20 05:48:58
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I've been thinking about tweener devices lately -- media devices bigger than an iPod touch but smaller than an iPad. This is mostly because of Amazon's Kindle Fire, which sports a wide 7-inch screen. Now, with the latest rumors coming out of Taiwan indicating Apple is looking over 7.85-inch screens, I'm more confused than ever. These smaller form-factor iPads -- if Apple does indeed use a 7.85-inch screen to create such a device -- would immediately fly in the face of the disparaging comments Steve Jobs made about them a year or so ago.

Small iPad
Posted by: melgross 2011-10-23 07:20:46 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
You really are over thinking this. First of all, this is a rumor. Secondly, i wouldn't be surprised if Apple is working on a number of sizes, from 7" to 13". They would have to, if just to find out if they were practical. It doesn't mean they have an actual product in mind.

If Apple did come out with an 8" model, it would cost at least $300. Apple has a policy of making a profit on all of their products, as they should. Amazon is taking a big chance on the Fire. There is no way they can insure that people will be buying products from them because of it that they wouldn't have bought anyway. It's a very chancy business model, and one I would never have attempted in my own businesses.

It's not likely that the Fire will significantly impact the iPad. People who will buy it will not be good candidates for the iPad anyway, and so it would not be a loss for Apple. This will be additional tablet sales in the market. But then, supposedly, Amazon didn't sell more than 250,000 in the first weekend, or week. That's not the showing we were all led to believe would occur.
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