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Re: 'Under-Appreciated Gem' Among OS X Word Processing Options
Posted by: Graham Rogers 2005-01-27 14:54:10
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Last month saw several OS X downloads, including an OS X (10.3.7) update. Among them was a new word processor, the oddly named Mellel, that almost slipped through the net. It took the sharp eyes of the Macsimum News Web site to spot this in "Under-appreciated Mac Gem." Details are below, but first I will reprise some other text-writing applications. Top of the list, particularly in terms of bulk and price, is Microsoft Office with Word (

Re: 'Under-Appreciated Gem' Among OS X Word Processing Options
Posted by: afterhours 2005-01-27 14:58:51 In reply to: Graham Rogers
There are other options to MS Office and OpenOffice. I discussed neooffice and some other thoughts on our discussion forum:
I'm surprised NeoOffice doesn't get more airplay -- it is an excellent alternative. X11 is NOT the answer to everything for Mac users looking to get away from MS. Unix geeks should come to understand that for a large part of the population, the GUI does matter.

Re: 'Under-Appreciated Gem' Among OS X Word Processing Options
Posted by: gkrogers 2005-02-01 08:20:17 In reply to: afterhours
Geek? Ouch. I had hoped that I was not giving the impression that Unix wizadry was needed. The latest installations of Open Office (2.0 is imminent) are really quite clean and easy. In the Bangkok Post, I followed that up with a piece on Gimp<> and that was a piece of cake.
As for NeoOffice, thanks: I am downloading it and will assess it in good time.
Geek, indeed! . . . <g>
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