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Re: Apple's $499 Mac Company Bids for a Household Role
Posted by: John Markoff and Saul Hansell 2005-01-23 09:30:32
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Apple has introduced its first low-price Macintosh, signaling its assessment that most consumers now see computers as simply another appliance in the modern house. While computers have long been sold as machines that can turn a home into an office, most Americans now use computers in their bedrooms and kitchens as e-mail terminals or as hubs for playing music and storing and editing photos and as stations for navigating the Web.

I thought following two statements were a little misleading:
"Moreover, the computer viruses, worms and spyware that plague Windows machines have been far less of a problem for Macintosh machines."
That is what is said everywhere in the Mass Media right now (when they remember to mention it at all). It has almost become a pat phrase and does not adequately bring home the actuality of the situation. There are currently zero viruses for OS X in the wild. Yes, that is right, ZERO. There are over 70,000 windows viruses. I would hardly call this ratio of 70,000 to 0 "less of a problem". "Zero" compared to "70,000" is more like "no problem" compared to a "very big problem".
""This is not going to return Apple to a high level of profitability," said David Yoffie, a professor at Harvard Business School."
Alright this was not your comment. But the fact is that Apple is RIGHT NOW at a "high level" of profitability. In fact the only two computer companies really making any money right now at all are Dell and Apple.. Your leaving this statement as stands with out a clarification or correction is rather misleading for readers who are not aware that Apple is, and has been, very profitable for the last several years.
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