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Re: How Tablets Could Save the Desktop
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2011-05-05 05:42:46
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The new iMacs have suddenly become deliciously compelling, and not because they now sport quad-core i5 processors that make them up to 70 percent faster than previous versions, graphics that are up to three times faster than before, or the new lightning-fast Thunderbolt ports. No, the new iMacs are much more tantalizing than ever before simply because I own an iPad 2. There's been a lot of talk about the demise of PC sales due to rising tablet sales, plus the notion that desktop PCs might soon go the way of the dinosaur.

Me too???
Posted by: akcoyote 2011-05-07 00:34:31 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Having retired from a career where Windows was my livelihood (would have starved to death supporting Macs….. shades of the Maytag repairman), I am looking at ‘going back’ to Mac.

Bought an iPad last summer principally for a long trip we took in the fall. We also took along our Acer netbook. It performed well and by the time we returned both my wife and I were looking for ways to leave the netbook home.

While my original iPad lacks a number of desirable features included in the iPad2, I’m not prepared to upgrade to an iPad2. Perhaps the iPad3....

I first looked at getting a MacBook Pro and using VMWare or Parallels to run our Windows applications (avoiding the license upgrade / purchase expense).

The iMac announcement set me to considering adding an iMac at home with remote access via the iPad to it and both of our PC desktops. (The PCs are sunk costs and the remote access software seems to work reasonably well with the iPad.) The iMac would provide a substantially better performance / cost benefit than a MacBook and using the iPad to remotely access it reduces the amount of hardware we have to pack considerably.

My iPad seems adequate to test the hypothesis and if things meet our expectations, then it would be on to iPad3 and a purchase of VMWare or Parallels to see if I could eliminate one or both Windows desktops and still be a happy camper.

Now I just have to decide ‘how much’ iMac to buy.

Right there too, Chris
Posted by: LizJ 2011-05-05 12:20:20 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I had no idea how much could be done with iPads till a co-worker showed me the ropes. My Sony Viao laptop was on the brink of a motherboard meltdown, and I realized I no longer needed it. My Mac Mini at home, and Dell desktop at work, combined with an iPad, would suit me fine. I've got the keyboard dock for when I want to type a lot on the iPad, Remote Access to work and home, a great Office-like suite, access to all my email, plus some things I didn't have on any of my computers - like a handwriting-recognition notes taker, and inexpensive sketching and diagramming software.

I think most of who have iPads are realizing...this is not simply a big iPod Touch/iPhone or a "media consumption device" - it's a full fledged touchscreen tablet computer that is, in general, a joy to use (I agree with you about the file system, but then again, there isn't a lot of storage on any iPad).

And there isn't anything Android - yet - that even comes remotely close to the total user experience. I'm not knocking Android (I have an Android smartphone and handed down a 6 month old Android-based ebook reader to my daughter when I got the iPad), but it's not ios.

Posted by: Flu17 2011-05-05 05:49:28 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I don't really understand the part where you said, "I imagine this sort of intersection between powerful tablet mobile abilities and more powerful desktop computers will appear in the PC world too, but I doubt with quite the potential impact, because PC and notebook PC prices tend to be quite a bit lower than iMac and MacBook prices," and I don't understand most of this article. I don't see really how iPads or tablet computers make people more hungry for desktops. Are you trying to say that they have slower performance and so people want more with a desktop? That makes sense, except for the fact that the majority of people with a computer today don't really understand anything about it. Sadly, that's why they don't expect things to run fast and will settle for tablet computing and smartphones alone. We need to educate the computer-using community. But that's just my opinion.

Tablet replaces notebook, if notebook not needed, desktop offers more
Posted by: CMaxcer 2011-05-05 08:02:59 In reply to: Flu17
Hi Flu17!

Here's a clarification: If a tablet can replace a notebook for traveling around and being super mobile, do you really need a notebook at home or work?

If a tablet (iPad 2) can give you enough access to computing on the go, a notebook (MacBook) is somewhat redundant. Why not buy a powerful desktop PC (iMac) to be at home or at work? You'll get more processor power, better graphics, bigger hard drives, and usually more memory for your dollar.

If you only travel with a tablet, desktops are the best buy. (If you don't have a tablet, notebooks are usually most desirable.)

Hope this helps!

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