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Re: Macs Could Infiltrate the Enterprise
Posted by: Dan Gillmor 2005-01-18 06:39:19
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One of the biggest stories of last year was the continuing resurgence of Apple -- as a music and media company. The wild popularity of the iPod has been one of the most remarkable successes in recent times. As a new year gets underway, and with last week's annual Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, I'd like to remind everyone that Apple still has a story to tell in the arena where it first made its mark -- computers. For IT, Apple has always been a tough buy.

Re: Macs Could Infiltrate the Enterprise
Posted by: mabricen 2005-01-19 08:32:41 In reply to: Dan Gillmor
Enterprice arena is two story aparment.
1) Datacenter
2) Desktop (I wont want to talk about this jungle)
Datacenter.... are a real chalenge, an uphill rocky road. It means, take out IBM, HP, Dell... How can you do that? invest lots money, Server Xsan, Xraid on demos; and time (professional services). Sorry guys, there is no other way.
Price!!! well after VT show off, price should be a problem to Apple, they broke IBM, HP, Emc prices.
Xserver guts (CPU, Memory, storage) isn't enough. They are just muscle, Enterprise need "solutions". So Oracle, SAP must be on Apple side. Without them, well !!! just forget it.

Re: Macs Could Infiltrate the Enterprise
Posted by: Brad Spry 2005-01-18 11:49:44 In reply to: Dan Gillmor
Citrix, and technologies like it, enable the use of legacy windows/dos applications in a Mac environment.

Re: Macs Could Infiltrate the Enterprise
Posted by: INTPMann 2005-01-18 11:20:27 In reply to: Dan Gillmor
Just thinking of my workplace, I think Macs could integrate fairly well, as long as the following areas are addressed:
- Active Directory: of course, Apple is working on improving support for that, so whatever hiccups there might be now, the likelihood is that they will be resolved by Apple in fairly short order.
- Smart Card support: Smart Card services are already built into OS X, but there's been very little reporting as to how well it works in practice.
- Better Exchange Support: this has been cited elsewhere in the press, but it can't be overstated.
- Forms programs. There has to be a cross-platform solution for forms, and that solution has to in turn integrate well with Exchange services.
- Seat Management. At my place of employment, configuration management is maintained by CA UniCenter. There are other solutions out there. In order for Macs to be embraced by IT support shops, the seat management solutions have to be there.

Re: Macs Could Infiltrate the Enterprise
Posted by: reboylin 2005-01-18 08:55:48 In reply to: Dan Gillmor
You might study Tiger's new application "Automator". As an enterprise specific software development platform for many integrated actions it goes much farther than AppleScript Studio. I watched as the Macworld demonstrators wowed the developers. It brings power and simplicity with Apple's ease of use to corporate staffs for common process integration. Here is a URL for Apple's developer page on it.
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