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Re: iPad 2 Smart Cover: Softcore Armor Lets the Sexy Shine Through
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2011-03-28 05:14:48
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Apple's new iPad Smart Cover for the iPad 2 took the tech geek world by storm when Apple first announced it and posted a fancy video of it in action on its Smart Cover site. I saw a lot of positive feedback for it online -- first impressions -- so when I was up at 2 a.m. ordering a brand-spankin' new iPad 2 on launch day, I ordered a Smart Cover, too. The last thing I wanted was to have a new iPad 2 and have zero access to cases and covers. Any cover is better than no cover.

Several Reports of Scratched and Broken iPad 2s
Posted by: CMaxcer 2011-03-29 08:43:05 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Hi akcoyote!

I'm very pleased to hear about the durability of the iPad 2 glass, as well as that great story about the pickup truck. While I would love to be in a position that I could ignore the risk, there is certainly some risk. On Apple's own discussion boards, I read one thread where a guy already had a couple of scratches, as well as a woman who said she dropped hers just one foot and it "shattered." One of the popular gadget blogs had one blogger say one of their review units already had a scratch, though I can't find the reference at the moment.

I also saw that video you mention -- very impressive. Still, I wonder what would happen if the glass were still attached to the iPad 2 . . . if the edges are sealed with adhesive, it would remove some flex for the glass, perhaps affecting the screen underneath.

I personally have a 1.5 inch scratch in the face of my iPod touch, which slipped between some couch cushions and got caught in the recliner mechanism. The screen protector was scratched, too.

Gorilla Glass is pretty amazing, no doubt about it, but I'm not willing to risk scratches of breakage.

If Apple were willing to replace or guarantee iPad 2s for 6 months, sure, I'd be much more willing. But for some reason Apple, despite the amazing nature of Gorilla Glass, doesn't seem willing to take their own risk there. I'm guessing that your confidence might decrease a bit, too, if you had to be the one to guarantee a scratch-free and breakage-free experience. Would you be willing to guarantee replacement for 100 MacNewsWorld readers with iPad 2s? We could wrangle up some users, let them use the iPad 2 normally for 6 months without any case or protectors, and if any break or get scratched, would you replace them?

The iPad 2 is an expensive electronic gadget that's manufactured. In my experience, anything that's a manufactured gadget can break.

iPad 2 cover issue
Posted by: akcoyote 2011-03-28 11:42:36 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Have to take issue with your 'review'. A couple of points.

If you check out the iPad 2 glass test video circulating on the web, you should be convinced that the glass breaking due to torque stress in any circumstance remotely resembling reality is virtually non-existent.

If you check out the specs for Gorilla Glass from Corning, you should be equally impressed with its impact resistance.

As for the use of a screen protector, I have found them more annoying than useful. My iPad and those of several of my clients have survived heavy use just fine without protectors despite kids, friends, curious strangers, etc. trying it out.

My sister's iPad which has had a screen protector from day one, doesn't look a bit better than mine. So for no benefit, she has had a year of annoyance with the micro bubbles, loss of crisp display and reduced sensitivity. Yuck...

I have heard of people using styli of undetermined brand or suitability scratching the glass, but so far it seems to be an urban legend.

Given your concerns about the back cover, perhaps you should use your screen protector to guard it against scratching. (I am serious. It works.)

As to the device withstanding being stepped on by an elephant, baby or otherwise, I have no evidence of just how sturdy it is beyond one apocryphal story from a friend of mine that his withstood being driven over with his pick-up with no more damage than the tire print on his Apple cover. (Seems his 5 year old was carrying it around watching cartoons and left it in the driveway.)

My only real complaint with my Apple iPad 1 case is the sharp edges where it was trimmed after assembly. Gets really annoying when holding it for any length of time.

Perhaps you might want to follow up with a 'reality check' of your own to gauge the justification for your paranoia.
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