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Re: iPhone Security: Priceless
Posted by: Jesse Herman 2011-03-11 05:53:03
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The Android operating system continues to grow in popularity and the options it offers also have grown tremendously. Diversity can be a wonderful thing, but it may be coming at a cost in the form of a security risk. That's right -- everything you do on your phone is risky if you don't play by the rules. So what are the rules? The rules are that you sign up for and stick to an expensive carrier plan and use the phone's features and approved apps as they were designed to be used. Sideloading, or transferring files directly from your computer to your Android phone, puts the phone and everything you do on it at risk.

Posted by: JJHerman 2011-03-16 12:31:57 In reply to: Jesse Herman
Perhaps I was too black and white, and with the recent security fail the timing was bad. But the fact remains sideloading and security will be a increasingly big issue. Just ask anyone at Verizon or ATT, they'll tell ya.

Perhaps a little biased, maybe?
Posted by: martrinex 2011-03-11 13:02:33 In reply to: Jesse Herman
-iPhones walled market does not screen for security.
-iPhones and Android both have viruses though usually by going through third party Markets.
-Android sandboxes features and gives the user the option to allow apps personal data and internet unfortunately due to user error they usually do.
-iPhones single hardware should be good for easy repairs but apple also controls and locks down replacement parts.

Google keeps pulling virused apps, obtained by third party markets. Apple blames users for using third party markets and ignores the security issues. Which is better?

Itunes needed
Posted by: Heywes 2011-03-11 06:19:28 In reply to: Jesse Herman
I would like to just comment on your statement of itunes being required to transfer files onto your iphone and the closed nature of the phone itself. Although yes, it is very much "closed off" compared to that of its competitor android phones, it is by no means difficult to transfer files onto the phone in order to use it as more or less a portable hard drive. This method itself is actually allowed by apple (last i checked) as it is a free app from their app store. The application is called "Discover" and it more or less turns your phone into a mini viewing harddrive allowing you to view the files upload onto it and also access them from another computer.
The utility of the iphone seems to grow as the community using it grows too.

Really?? Are you sure?
Posted by: jakearnold 2011-03-11 06:09:54 In reply to: Jesse Herman
I believe the iPhone failed but the Android phone didnt??

Iphone and Blackberry fall to hackers at Pwn2Own contest
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