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Re: Some Penny-Pinching Tips for DIY iPhone Repairs
Posted by: Jesse Herman 2011-02-23 06:57:36
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In the world of DIY, self-help repairs can get dicey quick. The problems are not always with the ability to do the repair itself successfully -- but doing so with real savings. Having additional parts lying around is a big help, but if you have to make a purchase, it's critical to know what you really need to buy. With the iPhone 3GS, the earpiece speaker can often go bad. There are not many pieces involved -- you can buy all of the parts that might have gone bad in a package for about $20. But if you know exactly what you need, you might get the job done for just a couple of bucks.

Re: Some Penny-Pinching Tips for DIY iPhone Repairs
Posted by: albus_severus 2014-06-11 02:12:43 In reply to: Jesse Herman
This is very helpful.It's a real money saver. Users of iPhones and even other mobile phones should follow the tips and tricks like these to save money and time. There are many other websites like this. We should definitely follow these advises. Thank You for posting this.

Protecting your iPhone
Posted by: iQwest 2011-02-23 07:03:33 In reply to: Jesse Herman
Thank you for the post! It's nice knowing that some repairs can be made without having to spend countless dollars getting your iPhone back up and running when you already spent countless dollars to buy it!
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