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Re: Hey Verizon Marketers, Is That an iPhone in Your Pocket?
Posted by: Rob Spiegel 2011-01-14 05:38:07
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This week, Verizon announced that starting Feb. 10, it will begin support and sales of its own version of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network. Customers can pre-order the phone beginning on February 3. Previously, the iPhone was exclusive to AT&T. In marketing its Droid line of Android-powered smartphones, Verizon has taken a decidedly aggressive stance against the iPhone, ruler of the smartphone roost. Verizon ran a series of aggressive ads insulting the iPhone as a wimp compared to the powerful Droid.

Droid Ads So Poor That No One Really Noticed
Posted by: jbelkin 2011-01-15 13:24:04 In reply to: Rob Spiegel
The Droid ads are-were clearly an over-reach that most consumers ignored them.

The ad agency clearly helped the Verizon android team drink their own Kool Aid. Remember the launch ones where things dropped out of the sky and the actors in the ads said "What is it?"

EXACTLY what consumers said. Maybe in 2006 BEFOre the iphone, consumers might be dazzled by a touchscreen phone but in 2009? No. How many cosnumers really believe that the Droid smartphone was alien technology? Most conusmers dismissed it as hyperbole. They continued with the alien theme (because it was costlier and the ad agency could bill higher) with the robotic arms - which again SAYS NOTHING. Would a robotic arm help you sell a toaster or a car? No. how do we relate to it? Remember the surfing one - saying you could finally surf at the speed of a surboarder ... um, what speed does a wave at shore move at - 15 MPH? Um, not exactly speedy.

But consumers are not morons. Just look at Apple ads - people accuse Apple of hype but what do their iphone-ipad ads comprise of? HERE'S EXACTLY how the phone works. You tap on the screen with a HUMAN HAND and it does this, this and this and look a phone call. NO ROBOTIC HAND. NO PROMISE of ALIEN TECHNOOGY and no promise you're a man or "not a man," by using this product. NO HYPE.

Look, hype is fine when you have nothing like after shave or bread ... we all know it's basically the same ingredients so have fun hyping it up but we consumers are tired of technology claiming by buying MS OFFICE, our kids will become astronauts ... or the smartphone is so advanced, it will changes our eyes (another Droid ad) ... that is why Apple sells evrything at FULL PRICE all day and all night. Here is our products. Here is how it works. No overpromises. No delusions of alien grandeur.

Again, consumers have figured this out - what are Droid phones hiding from us? that is why Droid phones typically sell for $.01 and the iphone is NEVER discounted until the next one comes along.

It's because the Droid has nothing else to say, they default to "be a man, buy a Droid," and hey if that worked on a few 18-year old guys, great but clearly, the mass market saw through their attempt at linking a smartphone purchase to machismo ... REALLY? Really, that's your entire selling point? Again, fine if you're selling alligator wrestling but a smartphone, really?

Verizon's ads either a) were a bill of goods sold by their ad agency to spend a crapload of money or b) there was NOTHING else they could come up as a compeling reason for you to buy ths product.

It's a poorly executed branding strategy (and ad) when you can sub in ANY OTHER PRODUCT and the ad still makes sense. If you subbed in body wash or a Harley, the Princess ad still works - BAD AD. or is it just a bad product with nothing to say?

But that's why Verizon came crawling back to Apple. There is only one iphone after all that. It's not alien technology, it's not a men only phone ... it just works and that's why there's nothing to hide.

Again, cosnumers already saw through them.
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