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Re: iPad 2: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Posted by: Jesse Herman 2011-01-07 06:13:47
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The original iPad was pretty much awesome, although it was missing some features that clearly should have been included. After some design leaks, it is fair to say that some of these issues are going to be resolved with the iPad 2. For starters, there is going to be a camera. It is amazing to me that Apple, of all companies, would decide to leave one of its products devoid of a camera. When one thinks of Apple, built-in cameras are one of first things that come to mind.

Apple knows how to market
Posted by: jescott418 2011-01-08 12:46:22 In reply to: Jesse Herman
Apple very often leaves items out of their first generation products. How do you think they get you to buy the next version? Apple is a great marketing genius and pretty much leaves you wanting the latest and greatest and makes your current model seem old. Even if its only a few months old. Personally I think Apple makes their products on a profit scale. As they sell more of a product they add more features. If it does not sell real well they drop it and start over. For example Apple TV. Some of the iPods like the Nano have gone back and forth on design and features. Apple knows how to keep buyer's wanting more!

Posted by: JJHerman 2011-01-07 17:39:41 In reply to: Jesse Herman
I don't remember the reasoning but I guess that makes sense. It still seems odd though because most people would gladly pay that extra money.

Posted by: melgross 2011-01-07 11:30:46 In reply to: Jesse Herman
I believe the reason why Apple didn't include a camera on the first model (the one I'm typing on now), is because of price. We saw the evidence that a space for the camera is there, but empty.

It's very likely that component costs remained too high then, probably due to higher than expected flash memory pricing.

Remember that Jobs had announced that they wanted to come in at a low price, which they did, surprising everyone. The $499 entry price, and the lower than normal margins for the iPad were a far bigger reason for the lack of a camera than would have been the concern for a reason to upgrade to a newer model this year.
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