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Re: Sorry, CES - Apple's Just Out of Your League
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2011-01-04 07:42:27
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Despite the occasional problem with my iPhone 4 alarm not going off, leaving me to blissful slumber broken only by a beam of sunshine hours later, I'm a big fan of Apple's ecosystem -- and ecosystem is the reason Apple has to little to fear from the onslaught of tablets that will invade the Consumer Electronics Show this week. In fact, Apple won't even be there, but I guarantee the Apple iPad will get plenty of press coverage as bloggers and tech news writers cover the introduction of tablets at the tech conference.

More Adspace please
Posted by: dougmoen 2011-01-04 23:50:20 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
This fanboy's ravings are often good to read for a laugh but couldn't reader's interests be better served by more adspace?

A close Ecosystem can stifle
Posted by: jescott418 2011-01-04 18:38:18 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Sometimes a closed Ecosystem can stifle design. We all know Apple likes control. Yes, it makes products fluid when you can design engineer and control. But it also limits outside thought and that can make a great product wait for Apple to make it better. I find that a bit like saying we can't vote for change in Government. We just have to wait for Government to decide to change.

Unfortunately we can't all afford BMWs
Posted by: al_in_philly 2011-01-04 13:19:20 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I've always liked the BMW analogy to Apple products. The problem is not everyone can afford a BMW, or an Apple product. Perhaps it's partly due to the cost of innovation, but in all honesty, the price which Apple charges for its various products has much more to do with marketing and cosmetics--their sales have been due to being thought of as the "cool" devices, regardless of whatever advantages they actually have over others. This is a shame really, because there ARE some nice things which Apple provides its users with which aren't as readily available from other munufacturers; the down side is that not everyone is like the author and can afford the price of Apple admission. Given the egalitarian potentials of the information economy, Apples stance on marketting and pricing actually limits the potential good which its products could have upon the world.

Apple and ECT news
Posted by: mykldean 2011-01-04 07:51:26 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
This mindless Apple fanboy nonsense is not worth my effort to easily shoot down. Instead I am removing all my feeds to ECT. You're fired!
This Apple fanboy misleading baloney was just too much dishonesty for me to bother with or trust ECT again.
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