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Re: A Hard Day's Night for Apple?
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2010-11-17 07:09:47
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After several years of negotiations and stalemates, Apple has finally landed the Beatles' music on iTunes. That was perhaps was the sole bit of good news for Cupertino over the last week. In addition, Samsung's Android tablet threatens to give the iPad the most serious competition it's yet faced, and not just on the consumer side. Publishers who want to put their content into digital editions for tablet computers and e-readers are flocking to the Galaxy Tab, and they seem to be increasingly attracted to the Android platform as a whole.

Posted by: mrrt 2010-11-17 21:43:44 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
Well done Ratty for such an intelligent point-by-point dissection and rebuttal of just about every one of Richard Adhikari's farcical arguments.

I still haven't finished snorting in disbelief at Adhikari's attempt to bend and twist facts and fiction to put every aspect of Apple's business in a negative light. It would be funny if this piece wasn't being passed off as "Mac Intelligence for the Enterprise"!

I don't think I can recall any articles posted on "MacNewsWorld" that weren't a hit piece at Apple, so I probably shouldn't let myself be drawn in but of course I can't help myself.

I have to say that writing that Apple may *only* sell 5 million iPads this quarter in the same breath as admitting that Samsung has cut production of the Galaxy Pad by 50% had me in stitches. $100 says that is not 50% of even 1 million units. Similar to hearing recently how demand for the HP Slate far exceeded expectations, until it was revealed HP had only originally manufactured 5,000 units and had to increase production to 9,000 Slates. iPad competition is just not on the same planet let alone in the same ballpark.

It is also continually irritating how many commentators only ever talk about the iPhone in comparisons with the Android operating system, even though Android's figures always include tablets like the Dell Streak and soon the Galaxy Tab because they all include phone hardware. The fact is that the size of *entire* mobile platform is the important thing for developers, investors, advertisers, peripheral manufacturers and consumers. When comparing mobile platforms, more iOS devices ship every day (275,000 - 300,000) compared to Android (200,000 - 250,000) and iOS has a far larger installed base at around 130 million devices versus approximately 40 million Android devices.

iOS developers make 50x more than Android devs, 70% of cars ship with iPod/iPhone dock connector options, thousands of audio systems, clock radios, car hands-free docks all sport iPod/iPhone dock connectors and 45,000 of the apps in the Android Marketplace are spam apps, so it is pretty evident that Apple has far less to worry about than hacks like Richard Adhikari would like to pretend. So much for a "long, cold, lonely winter" being ahead for Apple!


Posted by: montefuego 2010-11-17 20:31:05 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
the general statement that ipad will do poorly because of the 'poor' economy ignores the fact that, frankly, Apple generally sells to those that can afford to buy something that is better than just acceptable. So much of their market is not being affected by this. Sad, but true.
As for China, this writer repeats the idea that somehow 'China', which is a country of a billion people, somehow doesn't have enough people with the money to purchase Apple products. Just like the U.S., China has people with different income levels, and if just 1% of China bought Apple products, that would be 10 million sales. So thinking of either the U.S. or China as somehow homogenous markets is oversimplistic and just plain wrong.

Overly negative article
Posted by: Zaaroor 2010-11-17 09:55:19 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
This articles is way over the top in negativity. Proof?

The New MacBook Air cannibalizing iPad sales? Since when is customers opting for a higher priced item instead of a lower priced item is a bad thing? Really.

The Galaxy tab is not going to be much threat. Every review site that reviewed it marked it as an inferior product at the same price.

By all accounts and from multiple sources, iPhone growth hasn't so far been affected by Android. It was limited by Apple's ability to produce them in enough quantities.

The only negative that I can see is the saturation in MP3 players market and people using their new smart phones (like the iPhone for example) as their music players.

Hmmm, Where to begin...
Posted by: Ratty 2010-11-17 07:36:20 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
"After several years of negotiations and stalemates, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has finally landed the Beatles' music on iTunes."
Exclusive deal that is, at least through the Holiday shopping season.

"In addition, Samsung's Android tablet threatens to give the iPad the most serious competition it's yet faced, and not just on the consumer side."
OK. Riddle me this Batman: Why has Samsung had to drop the price of the Galaxy Tab in Europe if it is doing so well?

"Publishers who want to put their content into digital editions for tablet computers and e-readers are flocking to the Galaxy Tab, and they seem to be increasingly attracted to the Android platform as a whole."
A group of publishers are attempting to stop the might of the iPad from taking control of their market like the iPod did with music. I think the term is clutching at straws. Why build for an unproven platform when there is one with at least 7 million users (Probably quite a bit higher than that now) available?

"Finally, there are reports that iPad sales may fall off, either due to the poor economy or because they're being cannibalized by MacBook Air sales."
From Ashok Kumar, an "analyst" not known for being particularly correct about Apple in the past. And even if it were true MacBook Air sales have a much better profit markup so why would this be a "problem"?

"Overall, iPod sales have been falling steadily. Apple sold 9.05 million iPods during the fourth quarter, 11 percent less than in the same period the previous year, the company said in its earnings report."
Yup, if you conveniently leave out the iPhone, which I believe is a pretty damn good iPod as well as a phone. But hey, you're the one who is spinning the news.

"Android had a little over 25 percent of the market and the third-ranked iOS from Apple a little over 16 percent."
Here's the thing. It's fine to lump all the also rans running with a free OS, each with it's own skin, together but it is wrong to run all the Apple devices that run the same OS together? Problem here is that creative accounting gives them the figures they need. It's called spin.

If you are giving your software away then you do it for Android. If you want to make money then you do it for iOS. Honestly, that is where the money is.

"Meanwhile, Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablet, which runs Android, has hit the streets to generally favorable reviews. More Android tablets are believed to be on the way from other vendors, possibly adding to Apple's woes."
Generally favorable reviews are not sales. Which might explain why the price in Europe has been significantly lowered. Can they still make a profit at those prices? We shall see, but they need to garner significant sales before it becomes an issue for iOS.

"Samsung is positioning the compact, 7-inch Galaxy Tab design as a mobile tablet," Kim Titus, a spokesperson for Samsung Mobile, told MacNewsWorld. "That means it's light enough to hold in one hand while you navigate, send text messages or browse the Web with the other."
I assume he means while you're driving... Hmmm quoting PR speak is never a good thing.

"Most of the 100,000 Android market applications are optimized for the Android mobile tablet experience on the Galaxy tab," Titus pointed out. Developers are waiting to see mobile tablets gain traction in the U.S. market before creating new Android apps, which will be specifically for tablets, Titus added.
This is simply not true. Even Google says that Android is not right for tablets, and I believe that they know something about Android.

"He believes Apple may sell 5 million iPads instead of the 6 million many analysts had initially expect for the coming quarter."
Now this is where things get silly. Last year the entire tablet market shipped 1.05 million units - in the whole year. That is everyone who was in the tablet last year with linux and Microsoft offerings only managed to ship 1.05 million units.
At the beginning of the year when the iPad was announced "analysts" were saying that Apple might ship 2 million of the units by the end of the year. Apple have already shipped 7 million as of last earnings report so anyone saying that Apple might only sell 5 million in the next quarter has serious revisionist issues.

The iPad is a one of a kind, knock the ball out of the ballpark success. The fastest selling new technology ever, and yet these crooks and their cronies are trying to spin it as a "fail" Awesome work.

One of a kind. Like the iPod. One of a kind, like the iPhone. Seeing a trend here?

"On the other hand, Samsung's cutting production for its Galaxy Tab by about 50 percent because of poor sales, Kumar said, so the iPad may be in good company."
So it couldn't possibly be that Apple has this market entirely to itself this quarter? It is truly frustrating that "analysts" take a competitor's failure as a sign of overall failure of a technology rather than acknowledging that the leading brand is succeeding beyond their wildest dreams...

"It's not yet clear whether or not Apple will have a bad holiday quarter -- but watch the economic news and pray that China's economy picks up."
Prediction: Apple will NOT have a bad holiday quarter, Apple will once again have their biggest quarter ever, and none of it will hang on what China does.

Here's a clue. Next time you decide to do a hit piece on Apple, why don't you do your homework and use some brain power to examine the facts rather than assemble some fiction from interested parties who just want to get the share price down so their mates who missed the boat can get in on the action?
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