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Re: The State of Apple in the Enterprise
Posted by: Blane Warrene 2005-01-04 06:28:11
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Most Apple fans will remember 2004 for the iPod and Apple's presence in the digital entertainment sector. However, while Apple's resounding success in that sector is starting to etch away at the mentality that the company is a minor player in technology, it has also overshadowed its burgeoning play in the enterprise market. Certainly, enterprise is nothing new to Apple, considering its penetration in academia, entertainment and the sciences.

Re: The State of Apple in the Enterprise
Posted by: scotrace 2005-01-04 07:06:22 In reply to: Blane Warrene
I'm remembering early 2004, when several observers remarked that Apple would have to make no mistakes, and take every trick in order to survive. It looks like they have come close to accomplishing just that. How many months since the last Apple Death Knell?
2005 will be a fascinating year for watching our favorite company.
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Agree, because I like my job regardless of where I perform my duties.
Comply, because I can't afford to lose my current job.
Go with the flow, but start looking for different employment.
Resign immediately, so I can dedicate all of my time to find a job that better suits my needs.
Try to negotiate a hybrid work from home / work in office arrangement with my employer.