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Re: Android May Have the Numbers but iPhone's Got the Class
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2010-11-02 05:17:07
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Here's the deal: Android is going to continue to make massive, impressive market share gains. Despite that, Android will be second-best to the iPhone and iOS for years to come. Hard-core Apple lovers need to reconcile themselves with the fact that a horde of 'droid phones will overtake the volume that a single company can produce. And Apple haters need to realize that most consumers just want an elegant phone that does 99 percent of what they want, easily, all the time, with little fuss -- no confusion allowed.

Verizon iPhone may bring some change
Posted by: lemoon 2010-11-04 00:45:28 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
hmm, yeah, if apple sold a verizon iPhone, I think changes is on the road, and there are many rumors that Apple will offer Verizon CDMA iPhone in January 2011.
Source: http://www.ifunia.com/news/apple-to-offer-verizon-cdma-iphone-in-january-2011/
Android maybe can get some market share as its also not bad, but after the verizon iPhone, then wait...

You are right, Chris
Posted by: rogerowens 2010-11-03 10:47:02 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
As a long-time Macintosh aficionado, I have always yawned at Market Share figures. Who cares what anyone says with statistics. Shop for the best product for you and buy it. Save time, shop at Apple last, you won't have to continue to shop, you'll just buy the Apple product, and it will just work!

Furthermore, I love MobileMe syncing; I have never (really!) had any problems with .mac or MobileMe. I sync two Macs, an iPhone 4, and an iPod Touch 2G, and with iSync, I sync a Sony-Ericsson cell phone. Worry free!

It just works!

Apple 50% market share of profits
Posted by: jbelkin 2010-11-02 11:21:07 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Apple makes 8 billion dollars last q selling 14 million phones -without verizon - nokia made 9 billion selling 110 million phones. This is the same story with all other manufacturers - apple made 50% of the profits of the industry last q and nothing will change. Android is the choice of bargain hunters (nearly all android phones on amazon are $.01 ) ... So it's a default choice and not a real choice ...

The killer SIM card.
Posted by: SteveWebb 2010-11-02 08:48:40 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
If Apple sold a portable SIM card that let me combine AT&T's iPad $10/GB data Plan with T-mobile's $0.10/min voice plan on ANY Apple device, and let any one else mix the voice and data plan of their choice from any two companies - THAT WOULD BE KILLER!!!

Don't know what Apple is up to, but I can dream!

What a bunch of hooey
Posted by: Appledroid 2010-11-02 05:47:30 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Your article smells of defensivism (how's that for a word.) Android is no second fiddle to Apple's iOS. For those of us who have a more objective perspective, we know damn well that Android phones are damn good. This is one case in which your blind loyalty to Apple gets the in the way of the truth. Go use an Android and then show how it works to an Apple iOS user. You'll be shocked to see your Apple friends cry that their phone doesn't/can't do what the Android phones do. These are truly valuable and useful things that the iPhone can't do. The truth is that Android has caught up and surpassed the iOS in many ways. That's not to say that iOS is bad or that it too has some advantages but by no means is it clearly better or classier. I mean really, classier? That's your measure? How about usefulness or value to the user? Why don't you just admit it - it hurts to learn that your assumptions about Android were wrong and that Apple is not invincible. It doesn't mean that the iPhone won't continue to be very successful or that it won't improve in the future. It just means that Google is doing a great job with Android and that their strategy of partnering with multiple handset manufacturers is working.
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