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Re: A Big Blue Gauntlet for Microsoft
Posted by: Alex Salkever 2004-05-13 07:50:17
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With its new Workplace product, IBM has launched a frontal attack on Microsoft's dominance of the desktop, but you can expect to hear Gates & Co. repeatedly shrug off the assault as the latest in a long line of blanks fired at the world's most successful software company. Don't believe it. IBM's move could actually prove to be the biggest threat to Microsoft's hammerlock on PC software since IBM was pushing its own competing operating system, OS/2, from 1987 through 1996.

Re: A Big Blue Gauntlet for Microsoft
Posted by: stb12622 2004-05-13 07:58:07 In reply to: Alex Salkever
I would, if I were looking at IBM from the outside, believe this story as it pertains to IBM being successful at selling the concept of breaking the MS hold on the desktop. Having been on the inside and see the fragmented and disorganized way that IBM approaches the world I would still put my money on the better marketing and sales company! As those of us who have been in the industry long enough to have "gray hair" have seen, the best technology does not always win. In fact given a choice between best technology and best business plan I will take the business plan any day of the week.
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