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Re: The New Apple TV: Almost There
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2010-10-07 06:16:08
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I've been playing with the new Apple TV, and as an old Apple TV owner, I've got mixed feelings about the sexy new black box. On the whole, it's an excellent new product with new features, a new operating system, as well as the foundation to let it be upgraded in November to offer the amazing ability to stream content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly to your big-screen TV. And yet, there are a couple of pesky downsides. As always, the Apple TV looks great -- lithe and black, it's so small it can fit pretty much anywhere around your HDTV.

I don't like port limitation
Posted by: jescott418 2010-10-07 16:42:34 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Even in this day in age not everyone has a HDMI port on their TV. Why Apple decided on this port only can only be described as a needed sacrifice because the unit is so small. Its one reason I choose a Roku unit. I actually think I have much less content but then again I only really wanted any of them for Netflix. I use over the air DVTV which is Free! I like Free when I can get it. If your a real TV show nut the .99 cent per episode could really hurt the wallet. I can only imagine a family trying this. It will probably cost some people more then just buying cable or Satellite.
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