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Re: Apple Is Up the Market Without a CPU
Posted by: Paul Murphy 2004-12-31 07:36:41
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For the last three weeks I've been talking about the impact the new Sony, Toshiba and IBM cell processor is likely to have on Linux desktop and datacenter computing. The bottom line there is that this thing is fast, inexpensive and deeply reflective of very fundamental IBM ideas about how computing should be managed and delivered. It's going to be a winner, probably the biggest thing to hit computing since IBM's decision to use the Intel 8088 led Bill Gates to drop Xenix in favor of an early CP/M release with kernel separation hacked out.

Re: Apple Is Up the Market Without a CPU
Posted by: phixel 2005-01-05 10:38:22 In reply to: Paul Murphy
I agree 100% with you on putting the Mac O/S X windowing system on Sunray. Sun has always downplayed the importance of a good, friendly, an attractive windowing system.While I was at Sun I designed many of the first Sunray clients and I only recently got my first Mac (a G4) with O/S X 10.3. Now all I can think each time I use it is "why couldn't we (Sun) had come up with something as nice and friendly as this? This is how Solaris *should* have been!" I think frankly an Opteron based Sun box, Solaris 10 with a Mac O/S X windowing system on it in a room full of Sunrays would be a thrilling site. But if I know Sun and Apples thinking, that day will likely never come because neither company can see beyond it's current paradigm with any seriousness. I think the world would benefit greatly if these two companies would find more in common and cooperate. I said the same thing about Sun and AMD eight years ago and I was right on target then and now. Sun and Apple have had much in common for years, but like two bastard children separated at birth, they are too embarrassed to acknowledge any kinship with each other. A sad loss for everyone I feel.

Re: Apple Is Up the Market Without a CPU
Posted by: bbbl67 2004-12-31 17:10:10 In reply to: Paul Murphy
Oh, aren't you Mac types adorable? Living on a distant planet not really connected to the real world at large. You're not even upto speed on the latest developments in the rest of the computer world. So PowerPC is now locking you in? So you think jumping into bed with Sun and switching over to the Sparc processor platform is the answer now, do you? Maybe you should've done some research and found out that Sun is de-emphasizing Sparc now, for you guessed it ... x86. Specifically, the 64-bit flavour of x86 made by AMD, called AMD64. Jumping into bed with Sun means you'll be heading towards x86 land again, something that you consider beneath you.
Really the only instruction set that is truly open is the x86 instruction set. X86 has by its sheer mass become bigger than any one company, even the companies that originally created it. X86 follows its own path in life now, picking and choosing who to follow. If you haven't realized, Intel is no longer in control of x86, x86 is now being shaped mainly by AMD. IBM was another creator of x86 and x86 PCs, and this year it has had to sell of its PC manufacturing division to the Chinese.
You Macintoshers really should get out of your cocoon world more, you'd have known all of this if you did.
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