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Re: Mac-Loving Engineers Can Have Their AutoCAD and iPads Too
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2010-08-31 20:18:06
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AutoCAD, a popular design and engineering tool from Autodesk, is returning to the
Mac after an absence of some 18 years. Autodesk is launching a version that runs natively on Apple's Mac OS X. To be released in October, it will cost US$3,995 without a support
subscription, and $4,445 with one. Autodesk is also releasing a free version of the AutoCAD application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The mobile iteration is not a
full-blown application. Essentially it will allow users to view, edit and share DWG -- AutoCAD's format -- files.

prime time?
Posted by: drpalmer 2010-09-03 09:44:41 In reply to: Erika Morphy
I think the accolades need to come after the release and use of this product.
NDA keeps me from saying more.

AutoCAD for Mac and iPad/iPhone
Posted by: MitchH 2010-09-01 12:14:37 In reply to: Erika Morphy
Maybe the electronic engineer was the wrong person to ask for an opinion on whether AutoCAD on Mac/iPad is a good idea. I am not a Mac user, but I think it is a very good idea.

First, the iDevice DWG viewer is a great idea for anyone involved with Architecture and the Construction industry as well as related design fields like lighting, audio-visual, and exhibit and scenic design, which are major users of AutoCAD, and where collaboration and field review takes place constantly. Now, workers and reviewers who are not AutoCAD users can have a free mobile DWG viewer too. That is fantastic.

Apple is going to love this too, as not having native AutoCAD is I think one of the main reasons stopping many from getting a Mac (it's a big factor for me). Although many (especially in the fields listed above) were not stopped anyway, and felt it worthwhile to go ahead and install Windows on a VM, even if not the most efficient way to run AutoCAD.

You don't have to be a fanboy to appreciate the overall engineering that goes into Apple computers either. I'd say many other engineers appreciate this.

What I would like to see Autodesk do is offer some substantial discount to owners of AutoCAD license on Windows to transfer license to OSX version (hopefully a better discount than the upgrade price).

autoCAD and iPad
Posted by: lemoon 2010-08-31 20:24:06 In reply to: Erika Morphy
Autodesk is also releasing a free version of the AutoCAD application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. this is grear news, especially to those engineers.
Seems iPad is really fantastic!
I love my iPad. It has almost completely replaced my personal computer. For the things I do... It is perfect! Much nicer than any CPU I have ever owned. For work, all my other computers would do a lot of things I would never use it for, and do it painfully in the process (slow, buggy, etc.). When you get down to what you do most on you personal computer... the iPad does almost all of the things an average user needs, and with a much much nicer U/I. Easy of use, fast, and efficient. The other computer manufacturers could learn a thing or two from this, but even if they do... they will probably screw-up the one they come out with by adding all the crap back in again. For entertainment, now with one of the top features of iPad --- movie watching, Im totally sucked in enjoying kinds of videos and movies with iPad, though some times need in the help of iPad video converter from iFunia for lack of flash support. Ugggggg!!!!
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