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Re: All I Don't Want for Christmas Is an iPod
Posted by: Chris Riemenschneider 2004-12-22 06:02:48
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My siblings have asked. My friends, too. Even my father-in-law, whose knowledge on the matter proves the hype. No, I don't want an iPod for Christmas. The music industry is better than Martha Stewart when it comes to selling must-have items that we absolutely don't need. Honestly, I have three different editions of the Clash's "London Calling" on CD, when I still prefer my old vinyl copy (for sentimental reasons; I'm not an antidigital-audio snob).

Re: All I Don't Want for Christmas Is an iPod
Posted by: lewisb 2005-01-07 04:41:25 In reply to: Chris Riemenschneider
This isn't an objective review! This is more like the rantings of an ill-informed observer with an axe to grind (for some reason...). When he states that he compared a track played from an iPod to one played from a CD, he fails to enquire as to the source of the iPod track, the compression, bit-rates etc... "That's how you know it's an Apple device: There's always a more expensive version awaiting your upgrade." Eh? Heard of a company called Microsoft? "Both of the iPods I've toyed with failed to impress me with their supposedly easy-to-use functions and their sonic output." 'Toyed with' sounds like that's exactly what you did. It's actually easy enough to use that operating it while driving presents me with no difficulties. Please, if you're going to write a review, do the job properly. If you can't, don't bother.
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