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Re: Apple Isn't Hungry Enough to Need Verizon
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2009-12-04 05:48:59
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Ever since the iPhone debuted on AT&T, there's been speculation that Apple would eventually bring its iPhone to other carriers in the United States -- more specifically, to Verizon Wireless. Sure, there are potential customers who would like to see official Sprint and T-Mobile versions, but Verizon is the mindshare leader here. The widely reported timetable for the end of AT&T's iPhone exclusivity contract is mid-2010, which is when Apple is most likely to roll out a new iPhone model.

tough call
Posted by: blackberryken 2009-12-11 09:39:12 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Tough call for this one. I for one would entertain an iPhone but will NOT (zip, zero, zilch for service on AT&T in my area) go to AT&T. Whats the harm in selling a $200 iPhone on VZW (or any other carrier)? I think many carriers would be willing to pony up to Apple for the rights to sell the iPhone. It only bolsters the app store and Apple likes to slice and dice their share of the app store sales. So you add another million iPhones out there, say a HUGE percentage simply jumps ship from AT&T, I don't think it would be nearly this high, 75%. That's still a bunch of new phones. Plus all the "old" iPhones have already been paid for to Apple so they have now found a way to sell another million phones.

I don't know but would be totally surprised if Apple just sat on it's haunches and did nothing with this "expiration date" approaching.

iPhone "lite"
Posted by: CMaxcer 2009-12-07 06:45:45 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Hey ted2010!

Thanks for the great comments, and in particular, bringing up the issue of an iPhone 'lite'. I think there's a huge opportunity for Apple to sell a 'lite' version of its phone, but I don't think the issue is so much size or cost of acquisition as it is the $30 per month data plan. I keep running into "regular, not-so-techie" consumers who really like the iPhone, but just choke at the idea of shelling out $30 for data every month -- whether they use it or not. And most don't see a need for a data plan, anyway. Sure, they can see using the web or checking email every now and then, but again, $30 for what they see as a luxury? And locked in, no way to turn it off? And it gets much worse when there's a family member who already has an iPhone . . . now it's $60/month for a 2-iPhone household, and what about teenagers?

I'm guessing there's plenty of teenagers who could get an iPhone if the data-heavy end only worked via WiFi while retaining basic feature phone text and photo messaging capabilities.

For Apple, this seems like a step back from full-power all-the-time-anywhere-you-want-it, but for consumers (and any data-strapped cell networks) . . . it would be a quick and easy touchdown.


P.S. I think Sprint and T-Mobile offer some interesting options for Apple, too, but I focused on the elephant-in-the-room Verizon. Either way, I still hope Apple will go multi-carrier in the U.S. come June.

L.T.E. and the verizon iphone
Posted by: ted2010 2009-12-06 01:36:20 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
First off Chris a well thought out article on the truth of profit/lower subsidy rates & got me thinking how today company's do not want to sell a smartphone over $199.99. Great smartphones are already being turned away due to this is the price point today is going to be a safe sale.
On to mac though. Besides prototypes of the iphone "lite"(also smaller size) which where going up on the web a few months back this has been an internal rumor among the telecom world for some time, I suspect that will show up as an "bandwith alternative" in the not to distant future as one answer to the hogging issue. Will it be verizon or won't it be? Regardless, you have to take in mind SPRINT is already boasting about its first 4g android handset next summer,(not Lte exactly, wimax) which by that time Verizon's LTE 4g coverage will be in place in most major cities to say the least it's also known many manufactures have plans for 4g phones to launch at the end on 2010. These all will be BACKWARDS compatible with the not so dead yet edvo/cdma. Take in mind if the 4g iphone rumors are true, WHERE ELSE ARE THEY GONNA GO? Vodaphone in england, China Unicom, the only other L.T.E. providers for handset till at least late 2011 or 2012 depending on at&t. Don't forget L.T.E. is launching in a few months.
My personal two cents. Why apple needs to be on a multiple of networks besides since it seems to be working in other territories like france? Apple originally stated they wanted this product for everyone available for everyone regardless of network, (sorry forgot where i heard this). Google is in fact doing just that.

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Posted by: JohnRHaigh 2009-12-04 10:21:26 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I think you're dead on with this piece. There definitely isn't huge incentive in the States for Apple to go the multi-carrier route. Perhaps AT&T will get its sh#t together for 4G.

-John :)
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