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Re: Is Apple Missing the E-Reader Boat?
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2009-11-27 07:35:20
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E-readers seem to be smoking hot this year. The Amazon Kindle, of course, has been leading the pack, but Sony seems to have sold more than a handful as well, and its new Sony Daily Edition e-reader may be in short supply. Meanwhile, newcomer Barnes & Noble already sold out of its new Nook e-reader, which the company just announced a month ago -- and that's only pre-orders that aren't shipping until the end of this month. Order a new Nook now, and you'll have to wait until January to get it. Sounds a bit like Amazon's first sold-out holiday sales effort with the Kindle.

Apple iPhone and E Reader craze
Posted by: tekwzrd 2009-12-11 08:07:54 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I personally am considering getting an iPhone because I can use it as an e-book reader with the barnes & noble app. I don't think they're missing the boat at all and will probably gain users like me who wouldn't get one before but will now because it can save me $300 for a dedicated e-book reader.

Not Apple's way to follow
Posted by: jescott418 2009-12-02 12:25:17 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I think Apple generally enters a market with a twist. It has done so with its computers, with the MP3 player and with the iPhone. They start off doing the basic function of what the competition does but then ads a little more. The problem with a reader is that its just that. Then to top it off Steve Jobs hates dealing with copyright stuff. Books are going to be just that. Some books no doubt will end up exclusive to only one reader. That's a problem with them. I think I agree with another Steve from Microsoft. He says the computer is already a good reader. I agree and think its much more flexible. Count on Apple to look at a bigger iPod Touch.

Your style is weak
Posted by: chano1 2009-11-28 08:55:11 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Why adopt a writing style which starts an article by setting up a premise and then proceeds to contradict itself by showing that initial premise to have been weak? The only thing that this approach achieves is an article that effectively says nothing we did not already know.
A waste of your time and mine and more besides.

Its hard to know what Apple has planned.
Posted by: LouisWheeler 2009-11-27 23:25:32 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
You do a good job of delineating all the reasons why Apple should stay out of this market. But, I remember those same arguments were put forth for the music player and the mobile phone markets, too. "Apple is too late: The market is already sewed up. Apple has nothing to contribute."

Apple is not going for market share. It won't participate unless it can turn the market on its head with a well thought out ecosphere. It has to blow the competition away. How can, just an e-book reader, do that?

Apple has plenty on its plate now, what with the move to 64 bit processing, GCD and OpenCL. Apple's pro applications were still in Carbon API's at Snow Leopard's launch.

There are the implications of Snow Leopard which won't hit us until the majority of apps are converted to 64 bit processing in six months. The user base is rapidly moving to Snow Leopard. It has only been three months since SL's launch and about a third of the Mac user base has upgraded. I'm guessing that 75%+ of the Mac user base will be in SL and 90% of Mac apps will be in the 64 bit kernel by June.

There is no reason to switch to the 64 bit kernel by default until most people have converted. So, many changes to the OS are waiting in abeyance.

Apple has been re-building its foundations with Snow Leopard; it is not just a bug fix, as reported. The result will be an astounding increase in speed and flexibility. This is because almost all apps will be object oriented.

I've heard of 200 to 1200% speed increases in apps due to better use of the Core 2 registers, the multiple cores of the CPU and the GPU. These are not minor matters and Apple will have its hands full dealing with growth and compatibility issues by the middle of next year.

About that time Apple will be starting its regular Mac application store. Apple is building a 500 thousand square foot data center in North Carolina, but that is for the future. It will not be ready for a year and a half. Apple can rent unused data facilities until then.

So, why would Apple want to add a new product line to its mix, now? Wouldn't that dilute its focus?

Even so, I suspect that Apple will go for it. Why? Because Apple will be using it to extend its iTouch market. But, all this depends on the details. That e-book reader has to be good -- damned good.
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