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Re: OpenOffice for the Mac -- Read all About It
Posted by: Graham Rogers 2004-11-15 06:36:04
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A constantly repeated myth about Macs is that there is no software. With in excess of 12,000 applications for OS X, this myth should be laid to rest. Another error that prevents people moving to OS X comes from the slavish devotion to Microsoft Office (there is an OS X version), coupled with the idea that PC files cannot be used on Macs and vice versa. Mac-formatted disks cannot be read by a PC, although PC-formatted disks can be read by Macs.

Re: OpenOffice for the Mac -- Read all About It
Posted by: jnobel 2004-12-20 15:21:25 In reply to: Graham Rogers
This 1.1.2. build is meant for the Darwin community and Unix-savvy MacOS X user community and forming a platform for us to build the Quartz and Aqua tracks for the traditional Mac user.
" is a quote from the download section of the openoffice.org website, so not yet ready for those who want their computer to be as easy to operate as turning the ignition key on your car ... or switching on your Nokia ...
For home use things like Appleworks are fine, and I have not had problems with MS Office on the Mac either. Safari, Mail and Ms Office Mac work for me.
Most office workers are used to the combination of MS Internet Explorer/ Outlook/ Office, so I can understand they want the same thing at home, never mind the fact that other choices are available, some are free, may be a lot more stable or easier to use. Easier to use has something to do with perception of the learning curve ...
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Re: OpenOffice for the Mac -- Read all About It
Posted by: mkdemuth 2004-11-15 07:02:01 In reply to: Graham Rogers
You should be a little more specific. PC formatted disks can sometimes be read by Macs. If they are NTFS, they most certainly will not be readable by a Mac. My USB key drive, if formatted with FAT32, is unreadable by the Macs at the office (I’m not sure why; it should be readable). And before you say things like ‘is certainly usable for day-to-day work’, everyone needs to think about what they do day-to-day. Try opening something with a chart, or with anything beyond the most basic of formatting. OpenOffice has some real issues. If day-to-day you share lots of Excel documents with an Accounting department, you’ll be in for a rude surprise.
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