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Re: Mac Death Match, Round Three: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: Robyn Weisman 2004-05-11 08:40:02
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In the first two rounds of MacNewsWorld's Mac Death Match department, bitter rivals Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer warred with controversial industry analyst Rob Enderle over whether the Mac should stay with the PowerPC platform or migrate to an x86 configuration. In Round Three, Chaffin and Enderle take on another Mac topic sure to generate debate on both sides of the Mac coin: Is Apple a hardware company that sells software -- or the other way around?

Re: Mac Death Match, Round Three: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: A clue for you! 2004-05-11 15:58:52 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
The REAL Value of an Enderle Opinion:
Rob Enderle, Rob Enderle's Opinion and steaming pile of dog sh*t all have exactly the same value and appeal.
They are similar in many ways once you have accepted an Enderle opinion the stench is nearly impossible to remove from your person. Everywhere you go people recognize you as the pathetic stinking Microsoft Zealot you are, no matter how you try to hide it. Only the totally demented and other dogs can stand the idea of sniffing and licking much less swallowing an Enderle opinion. Only the extremely weak minded and utterly corrupt lying trash media, repeat, an Enderle lie also know as an Enderle opinion or as they are more commonly known "The Microsoft's Media Talking Points".
Apple's switch program was such an utter failure that only 52% of their sales were to non-Mac users. I guess in Enderle's fantasy world it would only be a success if Apple suddenly put all other computer makers out of business by selling 100% Macs to every single computer buyer on earth.
Enderle is so stupid it defies adequate words to describe. Windows users are so used to this perpetual diet of bull sh*t they have no ability to discern even the most ridiculous claims by this fool, as the lies they are.

Re: Mac Death Match, Round Three: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: Raedkahaby 2004-05-11 13:18:38 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
This is a marvelous give and take, that you can categorize in a number of ways. Mr Chaffin tends to look at the Mac platform as it is and Mr Enderle tends to look at it as (he thinks) it should be. One thing I would ask Mr. Enderle is how much he would pay for the product which would be the ultimate result of his suggestions? Would he pay $200,$500, or $750 for Mac OSX that he could load on his PC which already has XP on it? How much would that price be that the market would pay? And then ask whether Apple could make any money selling that product? Its doubtful that the associated supply/demand curve would keep Apple in business. Many people would buy the OS and use it but since you have already paid the MS tax and Linux us only a download away, I don't think it would work. Apple used to have Mac clones and they almost went out of business. The bottom line is you've got your commodity platforms if you want it and then you've got the Macintosh. I would hate to lose either, especially the Mac. Peace and Blessings.
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