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Re: Apple Q3 Global Market Share Falls to 1.8 Percent
Posted by: Brad Gibson 2004-10-29 19:09:07
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Apple's worldwide market share fell to 1.8 percent in the third quarter of this year from 2.1 percent, and dropped to 3.2 percent from 3.6 percent in the U.S., according to figures from technology analysis company Gartner. The numbers also showed dramatic declines in the quarter-to-quarter growth rate of Macs sold while Apple's Windows-based competitors saw double digit increases in the U.S and an almost 10 percent rise worldwide.

Re: Apple Q3 Global Market Share Falls to 1.8 Percent
Posted by: SlyRobber 2004-10-30 11:38:09 In reply to: Brad Gibson
This is the same drivel we hear year after year by these automates like Gartner. All the points about problems producing the G5 are on the nail but one fact remains and will ALWAYS remain a factor about these comparisons. The fact that the great majority of these WINTEL or WINAMD are bought by businesses that come and go and think nothing of scrapping the cheap, in every aspect, machines on a regular basis. These dells etc. are for the most part dumb terminals in a companies intranet or bought by Mr. Joe Blow that knows next to nothing about computers except that's what he uses at work. The only real figure that really matters is the installed USER base and even that will be skewed by the emerging markets like India and China and other places that do not readily have access to superior machines like the Mac. I guess that in the end it is what company can actually make money and thrive no matter how relatively few machines they sell ? Apple is doing just that something that can't be said about most grey box makers.

Re: Apple Q3 Global Market Share Falls to 1.8 Percent
Posted by: oddogg 2004-10-29 19:13:46 In reply to: Brad Gibson
PC sales are cyclic. Only year-over-yeat figures are meaningful. Apple maketshare is therefore flat globally and up in the U.S.
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