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Re: Report: Apple's Mobile App Store Zaps Competition
Posted by: Renay San Miguel 2009-03-02 13:20:57
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The Global Intelligence Alliance Group's new report on the success of mobile application stores lists five ranking criteria: Time to market, developer relationships, device adoption, ease of use and the number/variety of apps. An unofficial sixth factor: the number of cool TV commercials with catchy pop music showcasing those apps. In this category as well as the others, Apple is racing to a formidable lead while other device makers and software companies are still lacing up their sneakers.

Bumped up inventory
Posted by: snowstorm 2009-03-06 12:01:44 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
I agree that in quantity and diversity the iphone app store blows everyone else out of the water, but I really want more apps that really help business and working use. I don't need a leveler or a cheesy laser sword. Stuff like Taxi Magic, a port of the blackberry ridecharge for cab-hailing's a great step, but we need more, to kick aside that whole notion that the iphone app store is full of overpriced vaporware.

On the Right Track
Posted by: Alfiejr 2009-03-03 00:28:15 In reply to: Renay San Miguel
Neither of the reports cited in this piece really zeroed in on what accounts for the iPhone App Store's snowballing success (aside for the attributes of the iPhone itself), but this piece gets one half of it: price! (how simple!). the days of $10, $20, $30 smartphone apps are dead, even if the zombies at RIM, MS, Handango, Nokia and the rest don't get it yet. you can get lots of really good stuff free, and special apps you want/need for just a few bucks. no one wants to pay more than $5 for anything - just wait, another cheap version of that same idea will be coming soon.

but the other half of the App Store's success not mentioned is its "App Store for Dummies" simplicity. if you can buy a song from iTunes, you can as easily buy or update an app. it's true plug 'n play.

let's see what the other guys come up with this year and next. but already they are too little, too expensive, and too late. and adios, Handango, your business model is finito - good riddance.
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