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Re: Mac Death Match, Round Two: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: Robyn Weisman 2004-05-10 06:49:15
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In Round One of MacNewsWorld's Mac Death Match column, Mac Observer editor-in-chief Bryan Chaffin and industry analyst Rob Enderle took on the perennial PowerPC vs. Intel debate. Enderle asserted that Apple must migrate the Mac OS from the PowerPC chip to Intel's x86 platform to survive in a Linux-Longhorn world, while Chaffin contended that advocating a move to Intel demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of Apple's business model, as well as a lack of appreciation of the PowerPC's advantages.

Re: Mac Death Match, Round Two: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: lostnotfound 2004-05-12 05:37:35 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
How the heck can Bryan Chaffin be editor-in-chief of Mac Observer and his only response to Enderle's claims of "the OS kernel comes from FreeBSD" be "That there is a FreeBSD layer in Mac OS X is irrelevant"?
Is he not aware that the kernel is actually the Mach kernel? All it usues from FreeBSD is "the latest commands and libraries from the popular FreeBSD distribution" (source: http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/unix/). What that means is when you type a command like "ls", "tar", or "top" you are using versions obtained from FreeBSD. And since the "Founding member, past president, core team member and release engineer of The FreeBSD Project" is now an Apple employee (source http://people.freebsd.org/~jkh/resume/jkres.html), I'd venture to say that they have pretty good control as to what aspects of FreeBSD they choose to integrate into Darwin.

Re: Mac Death Match, Round Two: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: A clue for you! 2004-05-10 12:31:49 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
The Value of an Enderle Opinion
Rob Enderle, Rob Enderle's Opinion and steaming pile of dog sh*t all have exactly the same value.
They are similar in many ways once you have accepted an Enderle opinion the stench is nearly impossible to remove from your person. Everywhere you go people recognize you as the pathetic stinking Microsoft Zealot you are, no matter how you try to hide it. Only the totally demented and other dogs can stand the idea of sniffing and licking much less swallowing an Enderle opinion. Only the extremely weak minded and utterly corrupt lying trash media, repeat, an Enderle lie also know as an Enderle opinion or as they are more commonly known as "The Microsoft's Media Talking Points".
Microsoft FUD is the perfect environment for Enderle since massive lies are this only comfort zone.
One has to ask, If Apple is so insignificant and also dying, why are the Microsoft dogs in such a panic to discredit all things Apple?
Apple gets endless free press because they actually invent, create and lead entire markets around by their noses.
Innovation as Microsoft terms their laggardly "imitation" of all things Apple, would virtually cease if Apple ever stopped delivering the future of computing.
So pray that these moron's prognostications never materialize because if you think the hell of Windows is bad now imagine removing all the progress and multiplying Microsoft control over you. Imaging using a word processor to create a single page document that only costs you $100 per page and has the low count of twenty viruses per line. The future "vision" of Bill Gates for sure.

Re: Mac Death Match, Round Two: Chaffin vs. Enderle
Posted by: ReverendJoe 2004-05-11 13:31:25 In reply to: A clue for you!
"A clue",
Don't be ridiculous. Your opinion stated here:
"Imaging using a word processor to create a single page document that only costs you $100 per page and has the low count of twenty viruses per line."
is pure foolish, childish idiocy. We all KNOW that BillyG would NEVER charge you by the page for a word processor once he controls all software and destroys or manages to purchase legislation to outlaw MacOSX, Linux, SkyOS, and all other OS options.
How do we know this? Because you could avoid paying by simply NOT TYPING pages in your word processor. This is simply unacceptable, and I am convinced that, rather, you'll be charged a non-negotiable, non-refundable, anually-increasing "M$ WP FEE" on the income tax return in the country of your residence, whereby you will pay for each moment you are alive and experiencing the privilege of existing in a world where something as wonderful as MS Word is available to you.
Of course, this scenario coming to pass is not a completely sure thing. For example, the tax might just be added to your rent/mortgage/property tax bill, as well, for that would guarantee Billy a more steady income stream. It's hard to cook the books as easily when ALL your profits are shown within a few weeks of April 15th ;^)
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