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Re: Apple Announces Year of the Tiger
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-05-04 16:31:59
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Apple announced Tuesday that it will unveil its latest version of Mac OS X during CEO Steve Jobs' scheduled keynote address at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Apple declined to release details about the upcoming iteration, nicknamed "Tiger," although Ron Okamoto, vice president of worldwide developer relations at Apple, told MacNewsWorld that last year's WWDC directly contributed to Tiger's most significant advancements.

Re: Apple Announces Year of the Tiger
Posted by: ScottHarris 2004-05-05 04:59:54 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
The comment about it being a "point" release misses the mark. Apple has a lot "invested" in the marketing and awareness of the phrase "O S Ten", they are not going to change it to "O S Eleven". So I expect that all versions will be 10 point something. Though what they'll do after their ninth major revision (10.9), I don't know... By then, I guess, "OS X" will start sounding old anyway. But for now, "OS X" is still a draw and they haven't gotten enough mileage out of it to throw it away. In the mean time, the fact that a point change doesn't sound significant or "sexy" enough is probably why they're marketing the major revs with cat names to begin with. They needed to do _something_ to indicate major upgrades without changing the ten.
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