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Re: Medical Advances - Through Your iPhone?
Posted by: Olga Kharif 2008-05-05 08:39:02
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Bioengineering professor Boris Rubinsky has what he hopes is the perfect antidote to bulky, expensive, hard-to-use medical machines: the mobile phone. The University of California professor says that by reducing a complex electromagnetic imaging machine to a portable electromagnetic scanner that can work in tandem with a regular cell phone and a computer, he has essentially replicated a $10,000 piece of equipment for just hundreds of dollars. The mobile scanner plugs into the phone, which beams the data to the computer, generating an image that can be transmitted to a doctor.

Medical advances with iPhone
Posted by: Imagine Engine 2008-05-05 08:46:38 In reply to: Olga Kharif
Great article though I wish there was a screen shot of the iPhone in action showing how well it works as an electromagnetic scanner. Anyway, this article reminds me of the Star Trek Medical Tricorder and Communicator. The cellphone came out of the same idea as the Star Trek communicator and now it's great to see someone using their intelligence to continue with that imagination by creating a real portable medical scanner. This will definitely help medical doctors who travel to remote areas of the world wanting the latest technology but can't always take every piece of equipment with them.
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