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Re: Why AT&T May Deep-Discount the iPhone
Posted by: Arik Hesseldahl 2008-05-04 08:46:25
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The big thing about the next iPhone was supposed to be high-speed Internet access and tools for business. Instead, it's looking like iPhone 2.0 is all about price and that ever-awkward relationship between Apple and AT&T. With less than two months to go before Steve Jobs takes the stage at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where he's expected to unveil a new iPhone, it appears that AT&T may not be convinced that new bells and whistles will be enough to get droves of new customers to switch from other wireless carriers.

The only reason at&t will give discounts is jailbreak
Posted by: videoart 2008-05-04 09:10:10 In reply to: Arik Hesseldahl
Apple sells tons of iPhones each quarter but at&t comes up short every time as more and more users jailbreak their phones to use on other networks.

Clearly the problem is with at&t, and not the iPhone. I am sure that IF at&t DOES discount the phone it is because they are making an effort to attract more purchases in their stores where they can signup the buyer on the spot, unlike the units bought from Apple.
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