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Re: Are iPhone and Air the Beginning of the End?
Posted by: Dana Gardner 2008-04-03 05:19:50
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The writing is clearly on the wall. The iPhone will grow into a significant enterprise end-point role, and OS X Macs will quickly advance beyond the now 20 percent share of the total non-enterprise fat client compute device market. This is all but done. Problem is that Apple is winning in the old war -- the PC vs. the Mac, and the smartphone vs. the mobile Internet device battles. The larger, more long-term opportunity has moved upward and outward into the realm of the services cloud.

Re: Are iPhone and Air the Beginning of the End?
Posted by: A clue for you! 2008-04-03 10:11:33 In reply to: Dana Gardner
Yes of course innovations are all but done and as your Lord and Saviour Bill Gates has decreed, 64KB of RAM is more than anybody could ever need. Keep your head firmly inserted up your backside, cause reality is going to be a very big shock if you don't.
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