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Re: iTunes and the Social Contract of Fair Use
Posted by: Dick Kaser 2008-03-31 10:05:44
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I was busy working on a present for a few close friends recently when an alarming message popped up on my computer screen. The iTunes message informed me that "my" license permitted me to make only seven copies of the playlist I was burning. Unfortunately, the gift I was putting together was for eight of my friends. I'm all for supporting the performing arts, and I agree with the constitutional notion that artists and inventors have a right to earn a living.

Re: iTunes and the Social Contract of Fair Use
Posted by: Eliakim 2008-04-06 08:46:09 In reply to: Dick Kaser
It used to be five and Jobs announced it was extended to seven. So, that's two more than many people had before that announcement. However, I had no idea why anyone would "absolutely" require any more than just one, since you can copy CDs. I guess that's "beyond" certain people to know those sorts of things. It makes one wonder what the qualifications are for writing computer articles... LOL...
Also, you can simply add a stupid little track of one second in length (of dead air), after the last track on your CD and have a "brand new" CD (different than the last seven that you foolishly used up for no good reason). That gives you another seven... LOL

Re: iTunes and the Social Contract of Fair Use
Posted by: ChasmoeBrown 2008-03-31 10:15:45 In reply to: Dick Kaser
Geez - just make one disc from the playlist and then copy that disc seven times.
That's why people don't get too worked up over this - there's always a way.
And Apple knows that but media company lawyers don't - wink, wink, budge, nudge.
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