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Re: Can You Smell What the iPod Touch Is Cooking?
Posted by: Arik Hesseldahl 2008-03-19 11:11:12
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Since it first unveiled the iPhone more than a year ago, Apple has been heading down a new path. Having developed a version of the OS X operating system that runs not only on a Macintosh but also on a device that fits in your pocket, Apple has blurred the distinction between what we know of as a "computer" and what we think of as a "consumer electronics" device. The best evidence of this point, which I've argued before in this space, is the iPhone's overlooked cousin, the iPod touch. On its face, the touch may seem to be little more than an iPhone without the phone features.

Re: Can You Smell What the iPod Touch Is Cooking?
Posted by: rogerowens 2008-03-20 05:30:47 In reply to: Arik Hesseldahl
My wife and I have been reading e-books on our Palm Tungsten II PIMs for over 4 years. You get very used to reading books this way in just a few weeks. The convenience of having a small device in your pocket or purse to read a chapter, for instance, while your waiting for a doctor's appointment or any other similar situation is extremely satisfying. The folks at (recently bought by the have been selling high quality e-books for the palm, the PC, other PIMs, and the Mac (OS X) for years. I asked them to port the eReader application from the Mac version to the iPhone before the iPhone came out. They said they wouldn't; but who knows? Now that the iPod Touch is here and if they'd bring us eReader for the iPod Touch and iPhone, there would be fewer reasons to continue buying Palm products. BTW, the Treo's screen is too small for reading e-books, but not the larger Tungsten Palms; the Touch's screen would be perfect in my mind. Big enough to see embedded pictures and have a reasonable type size and small enough to fit in your pocket (unlike Amazon's product). So just apply a little pressure to the people at to produce eReader for iPhone Touch and iPhone, and you've solved the problem. They even have a free DropNook app that you can use to make your own e-books from text documents (and a purchase app to make even nicer e-books wwith (to sell).
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