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Re: How Apple Invaded My Life
Posted by: Chris Tomlinson 2008-02-20 09:51:12
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I'm not sure how it happened, but I seem to have become encircled by Apple products. I've always been pretty neutral when it came to hardware elegances. I've worked with many lifelong Mac addicts and have always found their devotion to the Apple brand amusing, given it inevitably leads to a comprehensive technology lock-in. But even when Macs were clearly inferior to PCs -- between 1997 and 2000 when Mac ran on OS 9 -- and more expensive, the Mac faithful never faltered. However, from where I type this today, I can see no less than four Apple logos on devices I purchased with my own money!

Re: How Apple Invaded My Life
Posted by: Apple Fanboy 2008-02-20 12:12:05 In reply to: Chris Tomlinson
I find it equally amusing that PC fanboys cannot understand why Mac users stand steadfastly by their platform. It's all about the UI, stupid. Nobody is harder on Apple than its customer base, as we demand excellence. Apple is far from perfect, but there is no other desktop option if one wants to productively use a computer. I would gladly welcome an alternative, as competition keeps corporations honest and profit margins in check.
What I mainly want to comment upon, however, is the utter fallacy that using Windows does not lead to technology lock-in, whereas using Mac OS does. The fact is, both lead down the same path. That being said, at least a Mac user now has the option to run Windows as well, if necessary. But obviously this does not sit well with the typical Mac user since he would simply buy Wintel rather than Mactel if that were his platform of choice.
Nobody loathes Window more than me, yet I am forced to use it nearly every day. While I can get around using it for standalone applications, I cannot adequately work on the internet without having a web browser sporting ActiveX capabilities, i.e. Windows Internet Explorer. If that's not vendor lock-in, I don't know what is. Microsoft has effectively hijacked the internet, and the developer community continues to support this heinous behavior. If it were up to me, I would not allow browsing with IE since it primarily relies on TCP/IP which is layered specifically to allow interoperability amongst platforms. I would demand that Microsoft port ActiveX to the other major platforms or too bad, so sad.

Re: How Apple Invaded My Life
Posted by: fletchr 2008-02-20 11:03:59 In reply to: Chris Tomlinson
Which is more "proprietary," software where the source code is open sourced and available to anyone who knows what to do with it, or software where the source code is kept in a vault under a mountain and guarded by flying monkey-boys?
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