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Re: Consumers' Sinking Confidence and Apple's Withering Stock Value
Posted by: Dean Takahashi 2008-02-17 05:28:02
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It was Jan. 23, and Apple shareholders were dismayed with the company's forecast for the current quarter. Apple stock was having its biggest-ever one-day decline in dollar terms, and Chief Executive Steve Jobs felt a need to reassure the troops. "Hang in there," Jobs wrote in an e-mail to employees. "Our stock is being buffeted around by factors a lot larger than ourselves." He can say that again. For the better part of last year, a bet on Apple stock was a sure thing.

Re: Consumers' Sinking Confidence and Apple's Withering Stock Value
Posted by: taojones 2008-02-17 10:05:13 In reply to: Dean Takahashi
This sort of talk always goes around about this time in a quarter. Pundits sewing the seeds of doubt about apples future. Yesterday I was in the walt whitman store and i talked to an employee and mentioned the stock decline he said he can't figure out why his store has been busier since christmas and the sales will be higher than the christmas numbers. i'm grabbing as much stock as i can hold at these prices. people want this stuff and there are plenty of people out there with steady jobs that have been pinched but not devastated and these people are getting rid of their PC's and going mac at greater and greater numbers. i would love to see some reporters tell the truth just once and realize that Apple is a unique situation and can't be compared with any other manufacturer or retailer. what happens to lord and taylor or macy's does not affect apple. walk into a mall and use your eyes, while Saks is a bowling alley of empty aisles, the mac store across the hall is packed with people waiting on line to pay. (since most transactions take less than a minute and a half at the apple store the lines are a miracle in themselves). Also cutbacks in parts orders have never indicated weak sales for apple but rather new products in the pipe.
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