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Re: Ripped and Burned by iTunes' Hassles
Posted by: Ralph Berrier 2008-01-29 04:48:22
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My wife and I had some time on our hands over the holidays. Rather than waste it by having deep conversations, playing with our daughter or contemplating the true meaning of Christmas, we decided to download music at our kitchen table. That was the plan, anyway. Ruth wanted to make a mixed CD to replace her old cassette tapes, which have deteriorated to the point they sound like they were recorded on wax cylinders in a locker room shower. Armed with an iTunes gift card, off she went to the virtual record store, where she was immediately denied entrance.

Re: Ripped and Burned by iTunes' Hassles
Posted by: Kevin Gill 2008-01-30 08:15:26 In reply to: Ralph Berrier
Interesting article, but hard to believe that lack of personal technology interest and knowledge are being blamed on "Steve Jobs" and "Apple". Help is always available on Apple's website on almost all their products and services. Personally, I am both a Windows and a Mac user and have never experienced anything even remotely close to what the article was pointing out. Mentioned in the article under "Technological Clutter" was the frustration of having to download the song from iTunes and then doing the same to get the songs to a MP3 player. Well.... this is a normal process for all MP3 players available in the market. The songs which are downloaded from the iTunes Store or any other online music store to your computer, they will not appear in your MP3 player automatically or magically. One has to connect their MP3 player to their computer and sync the songs. There are several other points mentioned in this article that have absolutely nothing to do with "Apple" or "Steve Jobs". I would be more that glad to help you with this if the issue still exists. After reading my reply to this article, if the thought "Does this person work for Apple?" crosses your mind... the answer is "No Sir, I do no work for Apple". Take care and have a blessed day.
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