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Re: Apple, Think Secret Showdown Ends With a Whimper
Posted by: Bryan Chaffin 2007-12-24 05:57:22
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Think Secret announced early on Thursday that the site had settled a long-standing lawsuit with Apple. The settlement announced by Think Secret contains two publicly revealed elements: The first is that the site will cease publishing, and the second is that the site did not reveal its sources for the story over which Apple was suing. Other terms of the settlement have not been revealed. Apple sued Think Secret for misappropriating trade secrets for a story posted on Dec. 28, 2004, preannouncing what was to be called the "Mac mini."

Re: Apple, Think Secret Showdown Ends With a Whimper
Posted by: cantubury 2007-12-24 06:17:17 In reply to: Bryan Chaffin
we sang...the dawning of the age of aquarius during 1969 when the musical hit san fran where I was stationed for the usnr..the fact was that when the stars align there will be no more secrets. what the ubiquitous 'they'do not want us to know will evaporate (it has anyway) & all is revealed. whether pop secret popccorn's secret, Colonel Sanders secret reciepe or your misdeeds at the bachlorette will all be headline news in the global intruder. the fault is in ourselves as shakesphere wrote but the truth will be in planatary alignment..just listen to the Hair musical score again...yes confession will be great for the soul. voluntary or not.
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