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Re: A Reality Check for Apple in the Enterprise
Posted by: Mark Hall 2007-12-10 07:19:30
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In late October, a buddy from my MacWeek days e-mailed me with this half-joking dig: "Apple's worth more than IBM. The Mac wins!!" My friend wasn't alone in his glee. Bloggers and Web sites devoted to all things Macintosh were quick to put a verbal boot to IBM's keister when Apple's market capitalization surpassed IBM's. At one point this month, the stock market pegged the maker of the ultratrendy iPod and iPhone at a higher valuation -- $12 billion more -- than IBM, which makes boring old mainframes.

Re: A Reality Check for Apple in the Enterprise
Posted by: macdrew2004 2007-12-10 12:27:29 In reply to: Mark Hall
Yes, but that's because IBM has always had a convoluted vision of computing. Microsoft, even worse.
Business computing is a dark cancer on productivity that only Apple can fully solve. Apple will enter the long neglected business market in due time.
It already builds the fastest, least expensive business servers, businesses can buy... the Xserve... but Apple is waiting until the time is right to completely transform business with modern hardware & software.
Time is on Apple's side, but for IBM & Microsoft, they are mainly finished in the 10-20 year time frame.

Re: A Reality Check for Apple in the Enterprise
Posted by: macbrewer 2007-12-10 08:52:28 In reply to: Mark Hall
Mac marketshare growth has a LOT to do with it's increased valuation. They are making more from Macs than iPods now (though granted that was not the case for a quarter or two.)
Mac market is growing MORE than the iPod market. Check your facts.
IBM is and has been for decades now, simply not a player in the enterprise market EXCEPT for mainframes which is a very limited market. IBM very stupidly gave this market to Microsoft (or MS stole it to be more precise) which is the only reason Microsoft has done so well for itself. They certainly haven't come up with anything on their own. They bought DOS, copied Mac, etc...
Apple has invented the future of computing all the way since the Apple II. It's common knowledge that the ONLY reason they bothered to release the IBM PC is that Apple was eating their lunch and their shareholders were irate.
IBM doesn't compare to Apple at all. You might as well compare GM and Apple. IBM's problem is that it's always had a mainframe mentality.
Oh, yeah, PC jr? How is that relevant at all? Lisa? These are footnotes. It's OK to use this sort of thing if you are just trying to knock on Apple (join the club) but it's totally irrelevant.
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