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Re: Mac FAQ: What Can Apple Do for You?
Posted by: Walter S. Mossberg 2007-12-06 05:30:46
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When I write computer buyers' guides, I typically focus on Windows computers, not the Macintosh. I assume that buying a Mac requires little guidance: It's sold by only one company and comes in only a few models. However, in recent weeks, I've been bombarded by reader e-mails asking for Mac-buying advice. So, here's a quick guide to shopping for a Macintosh. As with my Windows guides, this is aimed at mainstream users doing typical tasks, not techies or businesses or hobbyists.

Re: Mac FAQ: What Can Apple Do for You?
Posted by: MacMike 2007-12-06 06:02:48 In reply to: Walter S. Mossberg
I've tried out Firefox, it appears to be very similar to Safari but slower.
Safari runs fastest on my non-Intel G5 PowerMac but some functions on my web broker and e-bank site don't work (haven't tried with Leopard) so am using the latest version of Navigator for those... good ol' "Netscape", its slower than Safari but feels superior to Firefox.
Even the gaming thing is no reason to get a PC with Bootcamp/restart into your MS OS; Intel Macs are said to run games even faster than PC machines.
As for the pricing issue, each Mac comes with pre-installed latest OS, many software add-ons and functions such as automatic backup, remote screen-sharing etc - which cost money on the PC.
"time is money", you'll have the little extra cost converted into life time in a few weeks if not days: the Mac OS is designed and polished for user friendliness and there's no such need as sweating off a weekend to install your Mac.
If you want a pc, get one, if you want a PC AND a Mac - just get an Apple computer
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If my employer requires me to return to the company's office full-time to perform my job, I will...
Agree, because I like my job regardless of where I perform my duties.
Comply, because I can't afford to lose my current job.
Go with the flow, but start looking for different employment.
Resign immediately, so I can dedicate all of my time to find a job that better suits my needs.
Try to negotiate a hybrid work from home / work in office arrangement with my employer.