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Re: iPhone a Great Gadget, Except for the Phone Part
Posted by: Mike Himowitz 2007-11-02 05:12:56
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At its original price of $600, I thought Apple's iPhone was an overpriced toy, but now that everyone who absolutely had to have an iPhone has bought one -- and Apple conveniently has dropped the tariff to a mere $400 -- I decided to take a closer look. After a few weeks of fooling around with one, I can report that the iPhone is, indeed, a fantastic gadget -- a stunning example of industrial design that borders on art. On the other hand, I still wouldn't buy one for everyday use. In fact, most of us can get the iPhone's most important bennies from a newer Apple toy that's a better value.

Re: Yea, whatever
Posted by: jbelkin 2007-11-04 11:25:18 In reply to: Mike Himowitz
First, just because your hands are too small or you're a fumblefinger to hold a device doesn't mean that it applies to everyone. As a smaller person, do you downgrade wide seats on planes as a waste of space? Or large cars as pointless? Or just because you are inclined to drop things - everyone does? Do you downgrade any product not encased in rubber?
The iPhone is not for everyone - it is only for people who need to make calls, surf the net, store and take photos and have a fully functional ipod. What you fail to understand is that most people get about 15% use of their cell phone because or a tiny screen or poorly implemented features - the ipod has about 20 features, of which 18 can be accessed with ONE TAP and the other two require TWO TAPS. NO OTHER cell phone can match that. Sure, lots of phones have lots of features but my old Moto has a three menu selection for QUICK DAILING!!! If you want to spend hours pouring over your phone manual, great - for the rest of us, we have better things to do.
The iPhone is also for people who want to sync all their info - again, maybe not useful for you but that's like saying you don't need electricty so no one else should bother but hey, clearly, your point is you can't afford $600 and it's all just a toy to you because the only areas you get are the ipod features - the iphone is not a toy. if you want a toy, it's not for you clearly.
As for web surfing, sure, could it be faster but if you're waiting at the DMV, let me ask you, would you prefer to surf on a .75" screen and a 2 hour battery life on most cell phones or would you prefer slightly slower but $60 less a month and 3 more hours of battery life? ALL on a 3" screen?

Re: iPhone a Great Gadget, Except for the Phone Part
Posted by: Bill_Twyman 2007-11-02 13:51:43 In reply to: Mike Himowitz
Dear Mike
We Antipodeans understand that you Americans are notoriously unaware of the rest of the world, but has it occurred that some of those 250,000 iPhones might have gone to (gasp) a foreign country?
You can see lots of people down here in Sydney sporting the latest toy!
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