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Re: Apple's So-Called Geniuses Can Do Better
Posted by: Dennis Rockstroh 2007-10-15 10:38:04
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My daughter received an iPod nano for her birthday. Two months later, it stopped working. We visited Apple's Oakridge, Calif., store to have it looked at. I must admit that based upon Apple's "cool" advertising and reputation as being on the cutting edge, I expected that this would not take long and that the service we would receive would be world class. I was seriously mistaken. At the store, there were at least 12 Apple employees among the customers. I showed the iPod to one of them, and he did a check on the device and was unable to fix it.

Re: Apple's So-Called Geniuses Can Do Better
Posted by: Crunk 2007-10-15 11:49:12 In reply to: Dennis Rockstroh
How quickly times change when a customer can take a broken product into a store and expect that it be fixed immediately. Where else can you go and get this type of "instant" service? Never mind the customers who arrived before you that Apple is servicing. Cut in line! You're obviously a busy important guy. They replaced your nano right there in the Store? Those $#@&(*+s! No wonder they are packed with customers, the fastest growing retailer in America, malls are fighting to host their stores, and AAPL is at $160+ They called to apologize for the inconvenience, but that's still not good enough? Get over it. Move on to ragging Ticketmaster because they didn't save two front row Hannah Montana tickets for you.
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