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Re: Competition for iPod's Market Share on the Rise
Posted by: ECT News Syndicate Desk 2004-08-11 08:20:30
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Portable hard disk players that can store immense amounts of audio data, such as the iPod from Apple, are rapidly gaining popularity among young music lovers, prompting domestic Japanese makers to launch similar products. iPod's global sales have exceeded 3 million units since its launch in November 2001, and the competition is hungry for a larger market share. About 1,500 people, mostly young adults, queued in front of the Apple Store, Ginza in Ginza, Tokyo, on July 24 when a smaller version of the iPod, called iPod mini, hit the shelves later than expected due to postponed production.

Re: Competition for iPod's Market Share on the Rise
Posted by: Macaholic 2004-08-11 08:47:20 In reply to: ECT News Syndicate Desk
The popular iPod, however, is not invincible. The product requires music to be downloaded from compact discs or Web sites in a compatible format. /QUOTE
Yeah, like the MP3 format! HORRORS!! /SARCASM
People can rip their CDs into this worldwide file standard and transfer them to their iPod with no trouble.
QUOTE: Toshiba and Sony have developed their own services through which customers can download such files /QUOTE
Yeah, and the Sony player MUST convert the audio files to THEIR proprietary format (ATRAC) -- even your garden variety MP3 files MUST be converted (from one lossy format to ANOTHER lossy format: GREAT!). That is the worst file handling strategy of all portable players, and will slow down the transfer process. Your readers should be made aware of that. They should also know that Sony's stated song capacity is based on files converted at a low bit rate, thus lowering sound quality.
QUOTE: but Apple has yet to develop similar services in Japan.
It's coming. That much is obvious. It would be unwise for one to take a pass on an otherwise compelling and efficient design of both the player, its interface software, the host computer jukebox software (iTunes), and the awesome design of the iTunes online music store, all on account of Apple's store being a few months down the road.
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